Wednesday, 9 September 2009

kleeneze Tony and Christine Wallis story

kleeneze Tony and Christine Wallis story

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Having taken early retirement after 30 years working for a large multinational company as an Industrial Engineer I then worked for myself for the following 10 years on a consultancy basis.

Not only was this stressful and required me to work away from home for periods of time but the work wasn’t always available and as time went by got less and less.

So as I approached my 60th year I looked around for something else to supplement my pension, keep me active and get me out of the house and from under my wife’s feet!

As previous Kleeneze customers I chatted to our distributor (also a retiree) and concluded that I had nothing to lose so decided to give it a try.

Not only are both myself and Christine now running our own successful Kleeneze business but I have benefited from the opportunity to meet people, get some much needed exercise, make some great new friends and expand our social life.

We have now started to build our own small team which is very rewarding because we can share our good fortune with others.

kleeneze is looking for agents and team builders all areas of uk ,ireland, netherlands and germany
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