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kleeneze kathleen murtagh byrne story

kleeneze kathleen murtagh byrne story

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Hi my name is Kathleen Murtagh Byrne,

I currently work full-time as a manager in a refugee centre which houses 100 refugees. I am married with two small boys of 3yrs and 16 mths, my husband is a self employed carpenter but has had no work since last Christmas, so one day I was checking the internet and clicked on an ad "Earn an Extra Income".

I have 3 friends currently working as Kleeneze distributors but they never mentioned the opportunity to me. Shortly after I got a call from a man in Mullingar called Eunan (who is now my sponsor with his wife Stephanie) and while talking to Eunan I discovered that this was a Kleeneze distributor opportunity.

To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed as I had no intention of stepping on the toes of my friends. But I have to say that, while talking to Eunan, I changed my opinion very fast.

I had already had a call from someone else regarding Kleeneze and their chat to me did nothing to sway my interest, but Eunan did immediately.

So that was on the 10th August and the following Friday night Eunan came all the way down from Mullingar to talk through everything with me. By then I was totally up for it and was so looking forward to getting going.

Within the week I had my business starter kit and catalogues and I was chewing at the bit to get going, so initially I did a few of my old neighbours just to test the waters and my gosh, from 7 catalogues I got €155 in orders!

I was like a child at Christmas, I was so delighted. So then I did another small estate to ease myself in with it and then Eunan came down again and did the pick ups with me.

I have to say at this point that Eunan and his wife Stephanie have been invaluable to me; their constant support and training makes it work for me. Anyway, I got some orders to the value of €166, so I thought this is the way to go; let me get out there and start earning some serious money.

Last week I dropped over 100 catalogues and I got €865 in orders (I have to type this as you can’t hear me but YEEHAW) To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. I was straight on the phone to Stephanie and she said exactly the same as me - YEEHAW.

I have to say thank god I have only had positive experiences so far and I’m sure one day I will come across an obstacle or a disgruntled customer but we come across people like that all the time. If they don’t like what I do, well sorry but tough; I’m here to make money so I just smile and say have a nice day.

I have my 10% bonus at the end of my second week; that was my next target and to be honest it has been a doddle.

Let me tell you that is within the last 2 WEEKS, so if you’re reading this and think this is a made up story, please feel free to call me and I will tell you exactly the same, and really I’m just an ordinary mother who was looking for some extra income to pay bills and give my kids a treat now and now I can.

So if you’re doubting whether this is for you, then honestly give it a go; it really, really does work and I tell you there is no one you know more sceptical than me but this is an opportunity waiting for you to take it up and if you don’t, someone else will, so get in there ASAP.

I have to say apart from the extra money which is great but the absolute buzz when you go to a door to pick your catalogue and see an order has to be experienced.

You try to hide your excitement in case someone is watching but to get home, go through your orders and see how much you got is better than any tonic.

So that’s my story so far and I’m so looking forward to my next drop of catalogues because I’m going to make this the biggest story of my life.

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