Tuesday, 22 September 2009

kleeneze simon allen and fran westmoreland story

kleeneze simon allen and fran westmoreland story
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We started Kleeneze in March 2007. Fran had completed various IT college courses and found herself with little idea of what she wanted to do with her life.

Simon spent an age (eight years) studying at Uni only to find the job he was training for in Germany was not as it seemed due to stress/pressure/no time even if well paid.

After returning to the UK to be with Fran, Simon was dreading finding another stressful corporate science job. But what else could he do as he was quite specialised?

It seemed the 45 year plan had to go ahead. However, one day a Kleeneze catalogue dropped through the letterbox and as a stop-gap to pay some bills, Simon filled in the “Wanted“ slip even if he was quite embarrassed about it.

We were very dubious about the whole Kleeneze concept and did not see the bigger picture for several months.

Through (eventually!) attending trainings/meetings we finally clicked and recently started to move up a gear. We now know there’s a lot of potential in this business and many normal people have inspired us with their amazing stories at the conferences/meetings.

Simon originally thought all a Kleeneze conference was going to do was bring us was detailed knowledge on the latest range of mops but thankfully this was not the case!

They are an absolute must and really help you keep on track focus- and momentum-wise.

It’s bizarre to be surrounded by positive helpful people in this business – people who just want to help you achieve your goals. There really is no comparison to the normal “job” were stressed out, negative, unhelpful people end up dragging you down.

You have fantastic support from the group to get to wherever you want to be.

Bring it on!!

kleeneze is looking for thousand of agents and team builders to join or
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