Monday, 30 March 2009

kleeneze club med 2

A WORCESTER couple have qualified for a five star Caribbean cruise with catalogue company Kleeneze.
It is reward for the consistently high retail sales Colin and Sarby Turnbull’s team have achieved by increasing business by more than 300 per cent since October 2008.
The UK catalogue company’s incentive scheme honours top performers within its distributor network with trips to its international conferences hosted all over the world.
This year’s spring destination will see distributors fly out to the island of Guadeloupe where they will board the Club Med 2, a vessel chartered exclusively for Kleeneze. The first port of call will be Antigua.
Mr and Mrs Sarby live in Dines Green. Mr Sarby said: “Incentives such as these make all the difference, particularly in such tough economic times.
“Next year’s destination is a five star luxury trip to Cape Town South Africa and anybody joining now could qualify for it.
"Through hard work and determination our team, which includes people as far a field as Scotland and Ireland, has helped us achieve our goal of qualifying for this fantastic trip.”
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great you tube clip in the sun with kleeneze

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

top kleeneze agents about to go to caribbean

Couple win holiday of a lifetime

Published Date: 17 March 2009

A couple who sell cleaning products have won an all expenses paid cruise for their hard work.
Martin Bell and Caroline Roberts, from Waterlooville, are airing their snorkels, donning their sunglasses as they prepare to be whisked away to sunnier climes on a tropical trip of a lifetime.As a reward for the consistently high sales home shopping giant Kleeneze is treating the pair to a luxury five-star cruise, stopping off at some of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean. Mr Bell said: 'We cannot think of another job that would provide us with such amazing opportunities. 'The Caribbean is one of those destinations that many people dream of visiting – we never imagined we would have the opportunity to actually go there, let alone do it on a five star luxury yacht.'

here is video what the trip will be like

see where next kleeneze conference is, you only need a active team of 24 to get on this trip of a lifetime

kleeneze is looking for agents in uk, ireland , netherlands and germany

Monday, 16 March 2009

3.2 million will be umemployed

A tenth of the workforce will be unemployed by the second half of 2010, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The BCC estimates 3.2 million people will be unemployed at the peak of the recession - 600,000 more than anticipated six months ago.The Economic Forecast from the business network group, released this morning, shows manufacturing output in the manufacturing sector will drop 9% this year. But the sector could recover if it is nurtured'.
BCC director general David Frost said: "It will be business that leads the UK out of recession. For this reason it is vital companies are given the freedom to create jobs and wealth.The chancellor will give his Budget speech for 2009 on Wednesday 22 April.

on the the other hand d.s a companys like kleeneze are growing ,
this has to be the best time in the history of mlm , so find a good company like kleeneze

Sunday, 15 March 2009

bulk email marketing software

using a autoresponder can be the best tool ever to market your business online i,ve been using this on for 4 years and the support is mega, just pick up the phone for help,
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if you look down the page on left there a free option.if you don,t understand how they work, it gives you the option to re e mail everybody who has joined your mail list, to come out with there first name.people love to hear there name and will pay a hugh more attention to anybody who sends a e mail with there first name in it, as they see you as a friend.mailing companys spend a forture every year, re mailing people in the post and costs a fortune.the reason they do it does e mail, however if it has the prospects first name , the responds if mega.if you have not got one, i suggest you have a good look around the website in the this link
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watch he video,s on the site on how it works, if you need help, just pick up the phone to there customer service

kleeneze spring cleaning


The arrival of Spring used to get our grannies into action, cleaning their houses from top to bottom. Spring seems to come earlier every year but have our habits changed too? Are we as clean now as we used to be?

New research by the experts at Kleeneze reveals that a staggering 3.2million UK householders admit to never cleaning up and over 30% wouldn’t even bother tidying the house or clearing away the clutter before guests arrived. Most people only spend a couple of hours a week blitzing the kitchen or cleaning the bedrooms. And don’t all rush to the bathroom at once – it’s the room the UK most dreads guests visiting because it’s the most unclean.

The research reflects a modern, time-poor society with people working longer hours than ever before. This combined with a wider variety of leisure pursuits means that people have less time – and inclination – to clean.

But some things have changed more than others. In this supposed equal opportunities society, men and women should share the load, but the findings reveal that they don’t. Men spend less of their valuable time with a broom or a mop than women and only 18% of British men will get stuck into two hours a week tidying their homes. Cleaning doesn’t feature in the daily routine of the UK’s 16-24 year olds either. The dirtiest age group surveyed, one in three is too ashamed of their bedroom to show it to anyone.

Today there are so many products on the shelves made to make life easy whatever the task, replacing the elbow grease and muscle power of yester year, so there is really no excuse for Britain to be such a filthy nation.

The Kleeneze catalogue is full of easy-to-use and innovative cleaning products to get the house spick and span in no time: Instant Carpet Cleaner, No Rinse Floor Cleaners and Miracle Dusters to Wipe Clean Oven Liners, Oven Mate Spray and Stainless Steel Wipes to wiz through grime with minimum effort.

Kleeneze MD, Jamie Stewart, comments: “The traditional family unit has changed. Mothers used to stay at home, care for the children, cook the family meals and look after the home but those days have long gone. The modern mum spends as much time working as her male counterpart and so has become increasingly time pressured. Something has to give and the statistics suggest it’s the housework that is taking a backseat!

Adds Jamie, “At Kleeneze we recognise this modern British trend, and so pride ourselves on our expansive range of time and labour saving products designed specifically to alleviate the housework load.”

The Kleeneze catalogue is packed full of specialist cleaning products, all of which help individuals quickly and effectively get their homes spick and span.

For a greater insight on how your cleaning routine can be revolutionised, Kleeneze has pre-selected ten of its top ‘change your life’ time, space and labour saving cleaning products for those tedious jobs that you prefer to avoid:

Instant Carpet Cleaner - Few carpet or upholstery stains can resist this hard-working spray, which produces a foam cleaner that’s ideal for natural or synthetic fabrics.

No Rinse Floor Cleaners – for fresh and brilliantly clean floors. Designed to cut through grease and grime, this cleaner is ideal for vinyl, lino and ceramic tiled floors, with no rinsing required.

Wipe Clean Oven Liner (page 31, £6.00) – just lay this reusable non-stick sheet on the bottom of your oven and if anything spills get it out, give it a wash and pop it back in. You’ll never have to scrub the bottom of the oven again!

Oven Mate Spray – Approved by NEFF, a leading appliance manufacturer, because of its ability to remove baked-on grease. The trigger spray attachment makes it useful for cleaning small areas, as well as baking trays and ovens.

Stainless Steel wipes – These wipes will make light work of grease stains and water marks, leaving appliances and surfaces beautifully shiny.

Miracle Dusters – Three different handle lengths for keeping everywhere from floor to ceiling dust free. The telescopic duster has a flexible joint to angle head for hard to reach places.

Tea and Coffee Instant Stain Remover (page 38 - £10.00) – whether it’s cups, mugs, flasks or teapots, this magic powder’s got the power to shift tea and coffee stains from all manner of vestibules.

Drain Blaster (page 39, £10.00) – bit of a whiff around the sink? Water not draining as well as it might? You’ve probably got a blockage somewhere in your pipes. No worries, just pull the trigger of Kleeneze’s Drain Blaster to deliver a highly-pressurised blast of air to clear whatever’s in the way

Rubber Broom (Page 25, £8.00) – this nifty brush, which never clogs or loses shape, can be used on vinyls, laminates or even carpets. It even folds down when not in use.

Citrus Extendable Bath and Tile Cleaner (page 51, £10.00) – whether you want to reach up high, or down low, Kleeneze’s new Citrus Extendable Bath and Tile Cleaner is a revelation to anyone who who’s ever been thwarted by an unreachable blob of dried shampoo.

kleeneze is looking for agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany.

extra income from home

More People Looking for Extra Income
kleeneze fits the bill.
“With the cost of living ever increasing, people are looking for opportunities to earn extra income to allow them to live the way they want to! They want the flexibility to work from home within the hours that suit them. They want the ability to use their own skills and develop, as well as learn how to manage, support and motivate others to earn extra income, while still earning extra income for themselves.” - Alan Sugar.As more and more people are borrowing money on credit cards, taking out loans and remortgaging their homes, then more people are in need of extra income to help repay these debts. Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) is one of the UK's leading debt charities and they claim there is a sharp increase of younger people (18 - 25) seeking debt advice. The CCCS said the increase was due to young people embracing freely available credit as a "way of life" in the form of student loans and credit cards. To read the full article, please visit: the other end of the scale (those aged 55+) is another issue - pensions. The pension crisis has been well documented. Many people simply don't have enough funds available for a comfortable retirement. As the 'baby boom' generation fast approaches reitrement age, then more and more pressure will be put on the tax payer to help subsidise the pension shortfall. There has even been talk in government of scrapping the retirement age. To find out how the current pension situation evolved, please visit:"There is no doubt that there is a need to provide opportunities for people to generate additional income. On top of this need is people's quest to find a work/life balance. For me, that is where direct sales and network marketing opportunities such as Kleeneze are so powerful. They provide the opportunity to work from home, to have flexibility of hours, and offer unlimited income potential. As direct sales and network marketing enters it's 'Shakeout' stage as described by world-famous authour Edward Ludbrook, now is a fantastic time to involved .
kleeneze is looking for full and part time agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
read more on website

Saturday, 14 March 2009

tony briffa kleeneze

last night tony briffa , one of the top agents in kleeneze , did a conference call from milan. friday the 13th of march 2009
here is the call , takes a few seconds to open , but worth listening to the king of the warm market build off a list in kleeneze, this is all that mlm and kleeneze is about
click the link below and allow a few seconds to download
never has there been a better time to build the kleeneze opportunity, which is great business to work from home and produce fantastic extra income in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany

emma lamb kleeneze

Ex Recruitment ConsultantI joined Kleeneze after finishing as a recruitment consultant in Leeds city centre. I had quit my job because I was so sick of my bosses and industry slow down. I was frustrated with the lack of support and training. I was at third stage interviews with two large international recruitment agencies when I came across Kleeneze. I was so amazed at the incomes people were earning and it’s such a simple business anyone can join and do fantastic in it. Plus the training is second to none. I thought ‘at last this is my chance to get out of the rat race and sack the boss!’ 1st cheque in my 1st 4 weeks. As you can see I definitely made my initial investment back and was in profit. Within those 4 weeks I also hit a bonus level that is 10% extra paid into my bank.
click here to see emma kleeneze cheques so far

Friday, 13 March 2009

kleeneze bulk sals period 2 2009

how many other mlm companies show the turnover of agents every 4 weeks
click this link to see them

kleeneze press jan 08

here is more info released on kleeneze , click here for full details

kleeneze is a work from home opportunity , which operates in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany. unlike so many opportunity , you can earn profit from day one

Press Release
January 2008

Kleeneze has been making life easier for households across the country for 85 years, and 2008 will be no exception! The company’s brand new catalogue is packed full of clever products to take the ‘work’ out of housework, and with hundreds of innovative and extremely helpful gadgets on offer, the hardest thing is deciding what to buy.

The famous Kleeneze catalogue is delivered door-to-door, with recipients ordering inexpensive, high quality goods through a network of friendly distributors. As well as practical items for the home and garden, the catalogue features some quite brilliant time and labour-saving gadgets.

Kleeneze is all about the products you never knew you could live without, and here’s a taster of what you might find in the new book:

Page 7 V-Slicer: for professional style chopping and speedy slicing, the V-Slicer is the ultimate kitchen accessory to make chopping quicker and easier
Page 8 Super Peeler: makes light work of peeling anything, from potatoes and carrots to apples and pears. Little waste is left and it even tackles awkward shapes
Page 9 Tuna Disc: An easy and mess-free way to drain liquids from canned food – wave goodbye to chunks of canned fish in the sink!
Page 41 Dust Mite Stopper: Kills dust mites in carpets, mattresses, bedding and other textiles. Odour free, it’s ideal for allergy sufferers
Page 47 Cooker Hood Degreaser: Not just for cooker hoods, this powerful potion will also remove tough grease from pans, ovens and hobs
Page 64 Tea & Coffee Stain Remover: No more scrubbing, simply use this fast acting powder to shift stains from cups, mugs and flasks!
Page 77 Sock Washing Bag with Clips: Wave goodbye to odd socks, with the help of this sock bag which prevent them from going astray. Four quirky foot shaped clips hold the pairs together.
With 140 packed pages, Kleeneze truly has something for everyone – delve inside and there are hundreds of products perfect for Tried and Tested features, stand-alone pieces and editorial promotions

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Michele and Neil Armstrong–Lomas kleeneze

here is the story so far of Michele and Neil Armstrong–Lomas, kleeneze does fantasic in hard times, people still need the every items that they sell and have a range of over 2000, products most under £10 and a lot under £5. kleeneze is idea to work fron home, low start up cost, but high returns for hard work and can be run part time.which give a great extra income
here is the full story

Thursday, 5 March 2009

david bibby kleeneze

I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, with catalogue
Wednesday, march 5th, 2009, 21:00
MY wife Rosie and I joined Kleeneze about 12 years ago because we saw it as a good way of earning some spare cash.
I was a prison officer and Rosie was a nurse and we worked a lot of awkward hours, so it appealed to us as something that was totally flexible.
Kleeneze is in its 86th year and its sales increased by 13 per cent in 2008.
The business sells a variety of home, garden, health, beauty and gift products via independent distributors who deliver catalogues to people's doors.
Every five weeks, we drop a catalogue through a letterbox, leave it for two or three days with a polite note asking the people to leave it outside on a certain day, whether or not they want to order anything, and collect it again without disturbing them.

Nobody works directly for the company — it's basically a franchise that you buy by paying for the catalogues.
The reason most people don't join is they pre-judge it. But I don't know of any other business that you can start up with the knowledge that in your first 14 days if it doesn't suit you or you don't like it, the company will give you a full refund.
A conventional franchise will cost tens of thousands of pounds and an awful lot of businesses go bust in their first year. The reason why people don't want to start their own business is because they don't want to lose their savings or risk losing their homes, but for an investment of £75 you can start up your own business with Kleeneze.
My involvement with the firm ballooned after I was medically retired from the Prison Service about 10 years ago, partly out of necessity but also because I enjoy it.
As well as distributing catalogues in Sidmouth, where I have at least 120 very loyal customers, I introduce people to Kleeneze and help them to be successful.
They are then classed as part of my team and I get paid a commission depending on the success of my team.
Most of my network is in the UK, although we did have a few team members in Holland and Germany.
There are hundreds of people in it but I have no idea exactly how many, because if I sponsor Jo and Jim and they each sponsor 10 people they are all in my team, but I won't necessarily know who they are.
I love the fact that somebody could join my team today and with the knowledge I have I could help those people achieve whatever they want.
I built up a network partly by accident, because I never had any prior experience or knowledge of this business.
We started making money from day one, partly through word of mouth and telling people what we were doing. Within a couple of months we had signed up our two best friends, who assumed that if I could do it they could do it.
I thought if it's that easy to do the network side of the business perhaps I should give it a go, but I soon discovered that it isn't that easy because not everybody wants to do any work.
I used to sponsor anybody with a pulse but I soon realised that was wasting my time and theirs.
The hardest thing about being self-employed has been and always will be discipline, and the trouble is a lot of people aren't willing to put any time or effort into it.
It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. I tell people what it will take to achieve the amount of money they want to earn. There's no point lying to people.
Anybody can do this business, it doesn't matter what your background or current circumstances are. Over the years I have sponsored unemployed people and company directors and businessmen.
I always say to people, if you succeed in this business it will be down to you, but if you fail it will also be down to you. There are too many successful people in Kleeneze for people to say it doesn't work.
The top earner in the country is a gentleman called Bob Webb, who currently takes home on a regular basis income of about £30,000 every four weeks. My brother, who introduced me, takes home an income of £10,000 every four weeks.
The money side of the business never really interested me. What's more important is that it's given me the freedom of being able to do what I want, when I want, and spend time with my two children.
I never sit down and work out how many hours a week I do Kleeneze. If you ask anybody who runs their own business who actually enjoys it, time is not a factor. It's almost like my favourite pastime.
My advice to someone starting out would be: give it time.
The second thing is, whatever you do, do it consistently. Even if you have a limited amount of time, use that time wisely. You have to be reliable and provide people with the service that you would want yourself.
Thirdly, be teachable. Go to people more experienced than you and learn from the people who are better than you at what you are doing.

kleeneze news

here is the latest news on kleeneze on a news video
click here
with millions looking for a extra income kleeneze is the answer to people living in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany.
here is how it works

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

how does mlm work

very simply its like have a big business with little risk , but massive rewards of the power of team building. you move products to the public and friends and make a profit and find people who want to earn extra income too and you get a share of that too.
have a watch of this video to see how it grows
as long as products move and people want to buy them there is a fortune to be made.
the company will take the risk of holding all the stock and you just spend your time building a customer base and building a team

Monday, 2 March 2009

does mlm work in uk

mlm sure works in the uk and a lot has to be thanked for kleeneze and richard berry who was head of kleeneze then, who introduced the first mlm sales plan in europe with kleeneze in 1970.
richard berry is now head of the dsa in the uk , which is the direct sales assoication.
since 1970 lots of company have came and gone to the uk . if the opportunity has a way of moving products to earn a profit you have a good company. if the opportunity is looking for you to buy a large amount of stock or there is no product, it is more likely to be a scam.
online chain letter and money games like to say they are mlm , but unless they are on the d.s.a website i would stay well clean. companys like kleeneze will openly show turnover and profit.
if you were buying a business , you would want to see the books, so do some research before you part with your money.kleeneze trades in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany, here is one of the top agents websites

jerome and nikki neville kleeneze story

have a read of jerome and nikki neville mega kleeneze story.
kleeneze is idea to run along site any job to give a extra income , working from home , with a low start up fee, kleeneze has lots of examples of people earning more part time than there jobs fulltime and giving a great extra income .
read full repart here

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Gary and Lydia Meadows, Accrington, Lancashire
We were introduced to Kleeneze by our friends. Initially we just wanted to earn some extra cash every week to pay for the little luxuries in life. At first we were very sceptical and we could never in a million years have imagined how much Kleeneze would change our lives. We easily made the extra £50 per week and after 2 years in the business Gary was able to leave his job as an AA Patrol.

Not only has Kleeneze completely changed our lives it has also allowed us to “Dare to Dream” again. It has also meant we can be there for our 2 fantastic sons (one of whom has special needs and requires a significant amount of extra care). We have also had some amazing experiences and made some really great friends because of Kleeneze.

In June 2006 along with 237 other distributors, we qualified for a 5 star, all expenses paid conference to the stunning city of Budapest. What a fantastic experience that was – we were treated like royalty! The incentives that Kleeneze offer are second to none! What’s more they are available to absolutely everybody.

We can honestly say that joining Kleeneze has been one of the best things we have ever done and we thoroughly enjoy working our business together. We are part of an amazing team and just feel so excited and positive about not only our future, but also our teams’ future too. It’s fantastic!
kleeneze is looking for agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
for more details on how it works go to