Saturday, 14 March 2009

emma lamb kleeneze

Ex Recruitment ConsultantI joined Kleeneze after finishing as a recruitment consultant in Leeds city centre. I had quit my job because I was so sick of my bosses and industry slow down. I was frustrated with the lack of support and training. I was at third stage interviews with two large international recruitment agencies when I came across Kleeneze. I was so amazed at the incomes people were earning and it’s such a simple business anyone can join and do fantastic in it. Plus the training is second to none. I thought ‘at last this is my chance to get out of the rat race and sack the boss!’ 1st cheque in my 1st 4 weeks. As you can see I definitely made my initial investment back and was in profit. Within those 4 weeks I also hit a bonus level that is 10% extra paid into my bank.
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