Sunday, 15 March 2009

bulk email marketing software

using a autoresponder can be the best tool ever to market your business online i,ve been using this on for 4 years and the support is mega, just pick up the phone for help,
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if you look down the page on left there a free option.if you don,t understand how they work, it gives you the option to re e mail everybody who has joined your mail list, to come out with there first name.people love to hear there name and will pay a hugh more attention to anybody who sends a e mail with there first name in it, as they see you as a friend.mailing companys spend a forture every year, re mailing people in the post and costs a fortune.the reason they do it does e mail, however if it has the prospects first name , the responds if mega.if you have not got one, i suggest you have a good look around the website in the this link
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watch he video,s on the site on how it works, if you need help, just pick up the phone to there customer service