Thursday, 29 October 2009

does kleeneze work

have a read of these kleeneze story, more on my website kleeneze website click HERE

Steven Curtis & Sarah Kellow from Weymouth,
We are Steven Curtis & Sarah Kellow from Weymouth, Dorset in the United Kingdom. Although very sceptical at first, we started out only to clear some credit card arrears, we broke into profit within hours. Working around our day jobs we made an extra £341 profit within the first three weeks– that was just the start! We were soon able to quit our day jobs and enjoy a bigger income working fewer hours. Our current income from this business per week is higher than we use to earn in a month, and we work far less hours! Our years of knowledge & experience will ensure you make a fast and profitable start. We have also been able to travel the World all-expenses paid to places such as South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Monte Carlo, Barcelona & three personal holidays to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Chris & Lynne Marshall - Ex - Assembler & Delicatessen Assistant - Norfolk

We started with Kleeneze after replying to a newspaper add in our local paper, at first Chris was just being nosey, but when we received the information

we decided to investigate further and promptly joined. Chris was a fire equipment assembler and Lynne worked at a supermarket. At first we were after

extra money to help with the bills, We built up our Kleeneze business and within a few years we were earning £750 per week and helped many others along the way. We recently bought a brand new Vauxhall Zafira for the family and have attended two luxury trips all-expenses paid to Malaysia and Monte-Carlo. We have also been able to take the family to Disney World in Florida twice.
Chris Deacon - Ex-Retail Shop Owner - Dorset
After years of retailing, working long hours, struggling to pay the bills, and having gone through a divorce losing many assets, it was time to make

some serious decisions about my future. A leaflet was posted through my shop letterbox advertising an income opportunity. Having looked at the

i nformation, I immediately got started. In my first month working around my full time business and my responsibilities as a single parent I earned

£341.62. My sponsors, Steven Curtis and Sarah Kellow, kept a close eye on my development and with their help I sponsored 4 people into my

business within weeks, including my best friends John & Val Johnson. In their first month they sold over £1,504 of products, earning themselves £460 - My finances are now back on track, the team is going from strength to strength. To date my highest cheque for a four week period is £2,567.94 I can now see the potential to earn much more enabling me to spend more time with my family.
Rosemary Pickup - Ex-Franchise Owner - Lancashire
In 1997 we bought a greeting card franchise for £10,000! - run primarily by Rosemary as Bernard had a full time job, we did this for over 5 years, but

Rosemary was working hard and not making real headway. We started looking for something else – our endowment was going to fall short when the

mortgage finished and Bernard’s pension plan was, as we know along with most pensions, inadequate. When we were shown Kleeneze we were very

Allison & Graeme Nichols - Full-time Parents - Norfolk

Hi, we are Allison & Graeme Nichols, In July of 2005 we received a leaflet through our door, I immediately requested and reviewed the information

regarding the Kleeneze opportunity. After speaking with my partner Graeme, we decided this was something we could work together on as he was my

full time carer, and could never have a full time job like most people. We have three children and at the time on income support. We decided that

even if it was just £50 a week it would be a great help. Our first months cheque was for just over £540 and we have never looked back since. Our highest cheque to date is £1,400 and now in our 3rd year the business is booming. We love working for ourselves as it gives us the time freedom for hospital appointments for myself and our son and also to generally spend time together.
Bev & Dave Townsend - Ex-Child Minder & Part-time Charity Worker - Norfolk

Bev & Dave started with Kleeneze after looking for an extra income opportunity. Bev was a child minder for over 8 years and Dave was a full time

national charity worker. We were working 6 hours per week around our jobs and children 6,11 & 13 years of age. In our first month we collected orders

for £747 and made an extra £204. We have introduced some great people to the business and also qualified for all expenses paid trips to Monte Carlo and South Africa. Our business has grown from there and today we enjoy an income of over £2,000 monthly. This year we have been able to treat the kids to a holiday in Euro Disney Paris, purchased a new car for the family and Dave has recently bought himself his dream BMW motorbike.
Trevor & Lorna Milton - Factory Supervisor & Shop Manageress - Somerset

We were introduced to the Kleeneze business after responding to an advert to earn extra cash, Both working full-time with our day jobs we got started

in our spare-time and soon had hundreds of pounds worth of orders pouring in from our local area! We have built a round of very loyal customers up

within our neighbourhood, and have also built a team of distributors with the close help and support of our sponsors Steven Curtis & Sarah Kellow. With more and more people now looking for an extra income, and the fact our products sell themselves, this is a fantastic business to be involved with. Our highest monthly income working in our spare-time has been over £2,500+ Not bad for a 2nd income! We are very much looking forward to retiring from our jobs in the near future

sceptical. We paid just £65 to start, in our first month we generated orders of £933, making a profit of £317, which for a few hours work each week,

well exceeded our expectations. We did this without any face-to-face selling or product demonstration. Our business is still worked primarily by

Rosemarybut our main goal is to grow our Kleeneze income in order that Bernard can give up his job. We have made money from day one and have proved to ourselves that Kleeneze really does work. After a few months we had built up a customer base and started sharing this opportunity with others and our business really started to grow. We managed to sell our card franchise business and Rosemary now works full time in Kleeneze.

how to join kleeneze

how to join kleeneze
If you have been sent the Kleeneze Opportunity Brochure then please open it up and read the section about getting started and then continue below. If you would like a brochure and DVD that explains more about the Kleeneze earning opportunity then please Contact Us. just click HERE

We strongly recommend that you purchase more than 100 catalogues to increase your earning potential.

To join Kleeneze and buy the starter kit box which contains the items you need to start working for Kleeneze you need to pay £75. This gives you:

100 catalogues and specialogues like Health and Beauty

100 Snappie bags to keep your brochures safe from the rain and wind

Kleeneze plus catalogues - seasonal specialogues like the Christmas brochure

Customer order forms

Business Manual

Distributorship agreement form

Training and support manual

Kleeneze shoulder bag

Kleeneze distributor pin badge and pen

Wall chart

Order collation forms


Demonstration and training videos and DVDs
here is the link to join click HERE
here is my book , how to build a big kleeneze team click HERE

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

kleeneze conference 2009 talks

Tim Pace kleeneze, talk click HERE

Sharon Allsop kleeneze. talk click HERE

Lucinda Bennett kleeneze, talk click HERE

Ivan Darch kleeneze , talk click HERE

Geoff Webb kleeneze, talk click HERE

Debra Pusey kleeneze, talk click HERE

Dean Worrall kleeneze, talk click HERE

Clare Haines kleeneze, talk click HERE

Christine Sykes kleeneze, talk click HERE

Bobb Webb kleeneze, talk click HERE

David Birtwistle kleeneze, talk HERE

all these talkes were take from the kleeneze conference in october 2009

kleeneze home page

kleeneze home page

looking to join the fantastic kleeneze opportunity click HERE

we are looking for agents, uk, ireland, netherlands and germany

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kleeneze has been around since 1923 after starting in bristol area of great britain.kleeneze is a founder member of the d.s.a "direct selling association"

kleeneze are proud to show agents turnover figures, you just have to ask

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

stick stuff remover

stick stuff remover, here is a video of the product you can get from the kleeneze

stick stuff remover, is great for getting chewing chum, gloss paint off
every house short have in the house

join kleeneze

join kleeneze,

just click HERE

 with kleeneze you can earn a fulltime income part time, you will get the best training and support

to find out more click HERE

we are looking for thousands of agents in the uk, ireland, netherland and germany

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UK and ireland kleeneze video click HERE

Dutch kleeneze video click HERE

German kleeneze video click HERE

here are more stories about the kleeneze opportunity click here

Monday, 26 October 2009

is kleeneze a good company

is kleeneze a good company

the simple answer is yes, here is a short video of the history of kleeneze click HERE

As the kleeneze opportunity has been around since 1923, if there was anything wrong with

kleeneze , it would have been found out by now.

in fact kleeneze was a founder member of the uk  direct sales association in 1969

to keep the public safe

kleeneze is looking for agents in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany

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kleeneze history

kleeneze history

here is short video of kleeneze history, click HERE

ever year the kleeneze opportunity , just get better. we need thousands of agents to earn a extra income
or full time income and all can be done part time

we are looking for agents in uk , ireland, netherlands and germany

to join or want more information click HERE

here are our online video of how we work

uk and ireland  video click HERE

netherlands video click          HERE

german video click      HERE

become an kleeneze agent

become an kleeneze agent

just fill in the details on our website to join in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
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kleeneze has changed thousand of people,s live,s have a watch of our dvd
uk and ireland video click HERE
dutch video              click HERE
germany video         click HERE

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there are 3 ways to earn income with kleeneze, retail, wholesale profit and passive bonus

here are more stories

become an kleeneze representative

become an kleeneze representative

to join kleeneze fill your details on this link click HERE

we are looking for agents in uk, ireland and new markets germany and netherlands

kleeneze offers you a way to build a retail income and a team builder income

top retailers can earn over £30,000 a year , however if you just want to earn a extra income

thats there too

here is our online kleeneze  dvd to watch click HERE

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

kleeneze debra and oli pusey story

kleeneze debra and oli pusey story

here are the cheque,s debra used to be a betterware agent, before looking to
earn more money and more freedom

to see her kleeneze cheque,s click HERE

kleeneze are looking for agents and team builders all area of uk, ireland,
netherlands and germany , to join or want more info on kleeneze
click HERE

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

kleeneze bonnie arapes new porsche

kleeneze bonnie arapes new porsche, bonnie always want to have a porsche,
this is her 3rd new porsche a top range 997 cab 4 seven speed porche

here is the video of it click HERE

 kleeneze is a simple business that you can earn a extra £300 a month or earn a fortune building a
team, click this link for more stories HERE

kleeneze is looking for agents in uk, ireland and netherlands and germany

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

kleeneze Laura and Les Ward story

After working 3 years for a large wholesale nursery I came to realise that working and training hard, and taking on extra responsibilities did not mean extra pay.

In fact I found that I was earning just 10 pence an hour more than people I was training up!

Les and I have watched our friends build their Kleeneze business over the last 2 years and we realised that Kleeneze would give us the opportunity to earn as much as the effort we were prepared to put in.
kleeneze Laura and Les Ward story
to see there picture and kleeneze cheques click HERE

We started our business part time in the evenings after work, and in spite of having 3 other distributors in the area, in our first month had retail sales of over £1000.

Les is a director of his own computer company and though he has a good income he does not have the time to enjoy it. With time and effort put into the business now, Kleeneze will reward us with the time and money to enjoy our lives to the full.

kleeneze is looking for thousands of agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany

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Friday, 2 October 2009

kleeneze top earners

kleeneze top earners
gavin scott and bonnie arapes income over the last 8 years
click HERE
£3,000,000 from the kleeneze opportunity
gavin say the person to earn the most money from kleeneze , has yet to join
kleeneze only has 5,000 agents placing orders every week and that number
is to cover uk, ireland and new markets netherlands and germany

avon in the uk has 165,000 reps, that is why by building a team you can earn more income
than gavin and bonnie with kleeneze

to join or want a free dvd on how it works click HERE