Tuesday, 6 October 2009

kleeneze Laura and Les Ward story

After working 3 years for a large wholesale nursery I came to realise that working and training hard, and taking on extra responsibilities did not mean extra pay.

In fact I found that I was earning just 10 pence an hour more than people I was training up!

Les and I have watched our friends build their Kleeneze business over the last 2 years and we realised that Kleeneze would give us the opportunity to earn as much as the effort we were prepared to put in.
kleeneze Laura and Les Ward story
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We started our business part time in the evenings after work, and in spite of having 3 other distributors in the area, in our first month had retail sales of over £1000.

Les is a director of his own computer company and though he has a good income he does not have the time to enjoy it. With time and effort put into the business now, Kleeneze will reward us with the time and money to enjoy our lives to the full.

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