Thursday, 30 April 2009

kleeneze ireland

Almost 370,000 people are claiming unemployment benefit in the Irish Republic, with many more facing the threat of redundancy as unemployment rates reach an all time high of 11 per cent.* While the country battles on through the worst recession in decades, individuals are having to look for alternative ways to make ends meet.One industry that is growing as the wider economy suffers is Direct Selling. Kleeneze, one of the country's leading home shopping companies, offers a unique opportunity to build a thriving business for those people from all walks of life, affected by the current economic crisis. With low start-up costs from as little as €110, it provides a genuine lifeline for people facing redundancy.Full training and support means Kleeneze offers a great working opportunity with flexible hours to suit the individual, as distributors work from home. With two ways to earn money, Kleeneze provides an income from day one:. Retaihng via Kleeneze's range of catalogues, which include health and home products, gives distributors between 20 per cent and 36 per cent earnings on all products sold, and developing a network of distributors will earn additional payments for individuals heading up a well performing team. For standalone distributors, income can be anything up to €40,000 a year, while the top performing network leaders can earn over €400,000. Irish couple, Eamon Lynch and Marie Ryan, joined Kleeneze 14 years ago to earn an extra income in order to pay for little luxuries. The business has taken them so far that they have recently returned from a five star trip to the Caribbean that they earned as a reward for growing their business in 2008.Marie comments: "Through hard work and determination we have built a really strong team and earn an incredible living - that alone is very satisfying but knowing that your hard work can result in something as amazing as a trip to the Caribbean is an added bonus."Prior to Kleeneze, Eamon was living in an ex-corporation house, working full time, driving an old car and struggling to pay his bills. With no previous experience the couple started the business part-time to fit around their jobs and family. Today they work 20 hours per week, and enjoy a six figure income that has resulted in a five bedroom detached house, two holiday homes in the south of France and top of the range cars.Kleeneze is truly a life changing opportunity, whether you just want to earn an extra income or build a business for yourself and your family, Kleeneze ticks all the boxes.
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Saturday, 25 April 2009

kleeneze terrier group top psg period week 1

kleeneze is built on stories and has been producing income for people to live on since 1923.
with top agents earning well over £30,000 on retail now and follow the team build side incomes which are unlimited, with cars and conference as bonus
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kleeneze are looking for thousands of agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany and with the world in the worst recssion since world war 2, worth looking at the figures

here are the top psg after week 1

T PACE (R)(2) (UK)
H O NEIL (R)(2) (UK)
D BOLE (R)(1) (UK)
J TOPPLE (R)(2) (UK)
M WILSON (R)(2) (UK)
C YOUNG (R)(2) (UK)
L RIDDEN (R)(2) (UK)
K RIDER (R)(1) (UK)
J HAY (R) (UK)
M BIBBY (R)(2) (UK)
J COTTON (R)(2) (UK)
T DIVERS (R)(2) (UK)
G THOMAS (R)(2) (UK)
V FORD (R)(2) (UK)
K LEE (R)(1) (UK)
M COLLIN (R)(2) (UK)
J HOLMES (R)(1) (UK)
T HODGE (R)(2) (UK)
C HILL (R)(2) (UK)
M STOVES (R)(1) (UK)
J WEBB (R)(2) (UK)
H CROSBY (R)(1) (UK)
B HARDY (R)(2) (UK)
I PARKER (R)(2) (UK)

Friday, 24 April 2009

kleeneze terrier group top retailers period 5 week 1

exciting time with kleeneze, retail sales are up to you , earn what you want.
click here top retailers for the week
with the high street in a mess, being taken over by charity shops, the home shopping market and kleeneze goes from strength to strength. kleeneze needs thousands of agents in uk, ireland , netherlands and germany.
avon in the uk has 165,000 agents alone and kleeneze only has about 6,000 agents ordering in all country. with also the opportunity to build a team and be payed a percentage kleeneze is the opportunity of a lifetime and with the job for life , a thing of the past, never has it been a better time to build a kleeneze business.
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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Does kleeneze work now

kleeneze is working better now than it 80 + year history. every time the catalogues change better products are added to the range, with the lauch of the greeneze catalogue with product that are to help the in the world of mlm and network marking its a new opportunity every 6 months, with the credit crunch there are millions of people looking for a opportunity in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany .
as kleeneze is a numbers game and with no skill, just doing lots of catalogue will produce income our £30,000. for a opportunity to work it has to be massive market and anybody can drop and pick catalogues up with kleeneze, here is a newsletter from period 4 april 2009
no other opportunity can produce that like kleeneze and company is happy to show figures
now the exciting side of kleeneze , build a team and the income is unlimited. with millions of baby boomers with no pension .kleeneze give you a much better way to build a pension.
with the vision of jamie stewart md and being part of the findel plc group, state of the art warehouse, " does kleeneze work now" is a fact and when you work kleeneze hard the rewards are massive.

Monday, 20 April 2009

kleeneze top psg period 4 2009

here are the top psg period 4 2009
once you have broken a new kleeneze gold distributor, that then becomes the new gold distributor,s psg.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

eamon lynch kleeneze conference call

here is the mega eamon lynch conference call, april 17th 2009 , take a few second to load on the link below
eamon team kleeneze accounts for about 95% of the turnover from southern ireland, however kleeneze still need thousands of agents in uk, ireland , netherlands and germany.
kleeneze only has about 5,000 active agents placing orders every week and thats to cover all countires, as a agent can earnm over £30,000 a year on retail alone, its a massive opportunity, both on the retail and team build side , kleeneze can be run part time and the start up cost is well under £200

Saturday, 18 April 2009

kleeneze top retailers period 2 2009

kleeneze is exciting to show what is being retailed every period, i have yet to see another mlm company in the world show figures.
here is the retail for period 4, april 2009
kleeneze only has about 5,000 agents place orders every week, so there is massive room for growth in uk, ireland and new markets germany and holland.
we millions worried about money, kleeneze which you can run from home is the answer

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

extra income kleeneze lifestyle of millionaires

here a few video,s from the kleeneze conference in club med2 in the lovely blue waters on the largest sailing boat in the world.
in most job,s you don,t even get a easter egg and wow look at the way kleeneze looks after you.
john hawkes story on the ship
also our managing director jamie stewart , as well as rob branch
even the top service center girls went too
you can join kleeneze to earn a extra income or a fortune and soon have a millionaire lifestyle, kleeneze are looking for agents in uk,
ireland, netherlands and germany

Thursday, 9 April 2009

how does kleeneze work

how does kleeneze work.
there are 2 side , the exciting side and retail income side.
if the retail income side did not work there would not be a exciting side to kleeneze.
everybody starts by dropping catalogues to every house like a postman does every house, however after a few months and down to the amount of catalogues you start with, you build a customer base of people who buy and mis out theones that don,t.
you are now more like a milkman and top agents in kleeneze who build a large customers base are earning £35,000 a year. now the exciting side to kleeneze is to build a team anywhere in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany, you pick a percentage of the whole team, top agents have earned over £500,000 in years and you can now sponsor people in uk, ireland, netherlands germany and all the irelands off each country to, like isle of man etc.kleeneze works in good time , however in bad times booms. here is more info to read on my website and we are proud to show what people turn over every 4 weeks.
kleeneze only has 5,000 agents placing orders every week and if you look at companys like avon with 165,000 reps in the uk only the kleeneze opportunity is massive

does kleeneze work

here are stories since i joined in 1992 , look down this link
however kleeneze agents have been earning a great living since 1923 and the opportunity to earn a fortune.kleeneze will openly show you the turnover ever 4 weeks of all there agents
the company has made a profit for ever years since 1923, however the opportunity is greater than ever, they now trade in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany with 5,000 agents placing orders every week, there is massive space for growth with kleeneze. avon in the uk alone has 165,000 reps, so if you take the sponsoring side serious you can a earn a fortune.
more information and facts on this website

does anybody make a living from kleeneze

since 1923 people have mad a living from kleeneze, have a read of the storys, since i join in 1992.
look down this link
i guess i fair to say if you work kleeneze and follow agent who is making money it will work for you.
kleeneze is now in ireland, netherlands and germany as well as the uk.
top retailers are earning over £35,000 a year ,however we thousands more agents, as there are only 5,000 agents placing orders every week to cover all market, if you look at avon , in the uk alone they have 165,000 rep.
more information on my website

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

ireland needs job,s kleeneze the answer

Ireland slashes growth forecasts, unveils budget
By Andrew Bushe
looking for agents in ireland, netherlands,germany and uk

DUBLIN (AFP) - Ireland slashed its growth forecasts Tuesday in an austerity budget that included tax hikes and spending cuts as the recession-hit country struggles to cope with ballooning deficits.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan also unveiled plans for a new agency to take toxic assets off banks' balance sheets in a bid to ensure lenders had a "clean bill of health."

The country now forecasts a decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 7.7 percent this year, and a contraction of 2.9 percent next year before returning to growth of 2.7 percent in 2011.

It had originally projected GDP to shrink by 6.75 percent this year.

"We are the living witnesses to the most dramatic collapse in the world financial order since 1929," Lenihan told lawmakers in Ireland's lower house of parliament.

"We are a small open economy with a huge exposure to international economic trends. Our confidence, our finances, our exports and our banks have been dented."

Coupled with its ballooning public sector deficit, Ireland's jobless toll has soared to 11 percent, consumer spending has collapsed by a fifth, and its property bubble has burst, with house prices down over 40 percent so far.

Introducing a series of austerity measures amounting to about 3.2 billion euros (4.2 billion dollars) in tax rises or cuts in spending this year, Lenihan warned Ireland's "expenditure base is too high and our revenue base is too low."

Official data has shown that Irish government tax revenues plunged 23 percent in the first quarter of this year, while expenditure was six percent ahead of schedule.

"If we fail, refuse or neglect to address this structural problem, we will condemn our generation and the next to the folly of excessive borrowing," he said.

Kevin McLouglin, head of tax at Ernst & Young Ireland, said the budget would "significantly" affect most people's disposable income.

"While the need to raise revenue is recognised, it will be important that the impact on spending power does not become so significant as to severely limit the role such spending will necessarily play in recovery," he said.

Lenihan also downgraded Ireland's Gross National Product (GNP) projections, predicting a decline of 8.0 percent this year, against its previous estimate of a 6.9 percent contraction.

GNP is regarded by the Irish government as a more accurate barometer of economic performance as it strips out profits earned by multi-national companies in Ireland that are taken out of the country.

The minister said that without the belt-tightening measures announced Tuesday, the public sector deficit would have stood at 12.75 percent of GDP but is now projected to be 10.75 percent of GDP both this year and next.

Lenihan insisted Ireland would still be on track to adhere to eurozone rules on deficits by 2013, which in theory require members to hold their public deficits to 3.0 percent of output.

On toxic assets, Lenihan said they would be transferred to a new National Asset Management Agency "with the purpose of ensuring that banks have a clean bill of health, their balance sheets are strengthened and uncertainty over bad debts is reduced."

He said the "potential maximum book value of loans" to be transferred would be 80-90 billion euros, but the amount paid by the agency would be less to reflect their decline in value.

Ireland is currently investing seven billion euros to recapitalise the country's two biggest lenders, Allied Irish and Bank of Ireland.

On Monday, it emerged that the Irish premier is also to slash the number of junior ministers from 20 to 15. Each draws an annual salary of over 150,000 euros.
kleeneze is looking for agents in ireland, uk, netherlands and germany

Saturday, 4 April 2009

kleeneze agents on club med 2

190 kleeneze setting sail on a trip of alife time

all you had to do was build a team of 24 active agents and you could have been on the trip.

next one is to capetown, if you know anybody in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany it could be you
here is the video