Thursday, 9 April 2009

how does kleeneze work

how does kleeneze work.
there are 2 side , the exciting side and retail income side.
if the retail income side did not work there would not be a exciting side to kleeneze.
everybody starts by dropping catalogues to every house like a postman does every house, however after a few months and down to the amount of catalogues you start with, you build a customer base of people who buy and mis out theones that don,t.
you are now more like a milkman and top agents in kleeneze who build a large customers base are earning £35,000 a year. now the exciting side to kleeneze is to build a team anywhere in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany, you pick a percentage of the whole team, top agents have earned over £500,000 in years and you can now sponsor people in uk, ireland, netherlands germany and all the irelands off each country to, like isle of man etc.kleeneze works in good time , however in bad times booms. here is more info to read on my website and we are proud to show what people turn over every 4 weeks.
kleeneze only has 5,000 agents placing orders every week and if you look at companys like avon with 165,000 reps in the uk only the kleeneze opportunity is massive