Monday, 2 March 2009

does mlm work in uk

mlm sure works in the uk and a lot has to be thanked for kleeneze and richard berry who was head of kleeneze then, who introduced the first mlm sales plan in europe with kleeneze in 1970.
richard berry is now head of the dsa in the uk , which is the direct sales assoication.
since 1970 lots of company have came and gone to the uk . if the opportunity has a way of moving products to earn a profit you have a good company. if the opportunity is looking for you to buy a large amount of stock or there is no product, it is more likely to be a scam.
online chain letter and money games like to say they are mlm , but unless they are on the d.s.a website i would stay well clean. companys like kleeneze will openly show turnover and profit.
if you were buying a business , you would want to see the books, so do some research before you part with your money.kleeneze trades in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany, here is one of the top agents websites