Sunday, 15 March 2009

kleeneze spring cleaning


The arrival of Spring used to get our grannies into action, cleaning their houses from top to bottom. Spring seems to come earlier every year but have our habits changed too? Are we as clean now as we used to be?

New research by the experts at Kleeneze reveals that a staggering 3.2million UK householders admit to never cleaning up and over 30% wouldn’t even bother tidying the house or clearing away the clutter before guests arrived. Most people only spend a couple of hours a week blitzing the kitchen or cleaning the bedrooms. And don’t all rush to the bathroom at once – it’s the room the UK most dreads guests visiting because it’s the most unclean.

The research reflects a modern, time-poor society with people working longer hours than ever before. This combined with a wider variety of leisure pursuits means that people have less time – and inclination – to clean.

But some things have changed more than others. In this supposed equal opportunities society, men and women should share the load, but the findings reveal that they don’t. Men spend less of their valuable time with a broom or a mop than women and only 18% of British men will get stuck into two hours a week tidying their homes. Cleaning doesn’t feature in the daily routine of the UK’s 16-24 year olds either. The dirtiest age group surveyed, one in three is too ashamed of their bedroom to show it to anyone.

Today there are so many products on the shelves made to make life easy whatever the task, replacing the elbow grease and muscle power of yester year, so there is really no excuse for Britain to be such a filthy nation.

The Kleeneze catalogue is full of easy-to-use and innovative cleaning products to get the house spick and span in no time: Instant Carpet Cleaner, No Rinse Floor Cleaners and Miracle Dusters to Wipe Clean Oven Liners, Oven Mate Spray and Stainless Steel Wipes to wiz through grime with minimum effort.

Kleeneze MD, Jamie Stewart, comments: “The traditional family unit has changed. Mothers used to stay at home, care for the children, cook the family meals and look after the home but those days have long gone. The modern mum spends as much time working as her male counterpart and so has become increasingly time pressured. Something has to give and the statistics suggest it’s the housework that is taking a backseat!

Adds Jamie, “At Kleeneze we recognise this modern British trend, and so pride ourselves on our expansive range of time and labour saving products designed specifically to alleviate the housework load.”

The Kleeneze catalogue is packed full of specialist cleaning products, all of which help individuals quickly and effectively get their homes spick and span.

For a greater insight on how your cleaning routine can be revolutionised, Kleeneze has pre-selected ten of its top ‘change your life’ time, space and labour saving cleaning products for those tedious jobs that you prefer to avoid:

Instant Carpet Cleaner - Few carpet or upholstery stains can resist this hard-working spray, which produces a foam cleaner that’s ideal for natural or synthetic fabrics.

No Rinse Floor Cleaners – for fresh and brilliantly clean floors. Designed to cut through grease and grime, this cleaner is ideal for vinyl, lino and ceramic tiled floors, with no rinsing required.

Wipe Clean Oven Liner (page 31, £6.00) – just lay this reusable non-stick sheet on the bottom of your oven and if anything spills get it out, give it a wash and pop it back in. You’ll never have to scrub the bottom of the oven again!

Oven Mate Spray – Approved by NEFF, a leading appliance manufacturer, because of its ability to remove baked-on grease. The trigger spray attachment makes it useful for cleaning small areas, as well as baking trays and ovens.

Stainless Steel wipes – These wipes will make light work of grease stains and water marks, leaving appliances and surfaces beautifully shiny.

Miracle Dusters – Three different handle lengths for keeping everywhere from floor to ceiling dust free. The telescopic duster has a flexible joint to angle head for hard to reach places.

Tea and Coffee Instant Stain Remover (page 38 - £10.00) – whether it’s cups, mugs, flasks or teapots, this magic powder’s got the power to shift tea and coffee stains from all manner of vestibules.

Drain Blaster (page 39, £10.00) – bit of a whiff around the sink? Water not draining as well as it might? You’ve probably got a blockage somewhere in your pipes. No worries, just pull the trigger of Kleeneze’s Drain Blaster to deliver a highly-pressurised blast of air to clear whatever’s in the way

Rubber Broom (Page 25, £8.00) – this nifty brush, which never clogs or loses shape, can be used on vinyls, laminates or even carpets. It even folds down when not in use.

Citrus Extendable Bath and Tile Cleaner (page 51, £10.00) – whether you want to reach up high, or down low, Kleeneze’s new Citrus Extendable Bath and Tile Cleaner is a revelation to anyone who who’s ever been thwarted by an unreachable blob of dried shampoo.

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