Thursday, 17 September 2009

kleeneze Samantha Drew and Jamie Whitaker story

kleeneze Samantha Drew and Jamie Whitaker story
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At the end of 2005 my mum and dad joined Kleeneze, I saw the potential of earning lots of money and I currently wasn’t enjoying my job.

They bought me my business kit in January 2006 for my birthday. I started with only 50 catalogues and would put them out

in my hour dinner break. My friends thought I was crazy but that made me want to show them even more that this opportunity


It was slow going with only 50 books but as I gained more orders I was able to buy more books. I also started a new job and in the same month gained my 10%. I was so happy, new job and an extra income.

I continued to retail, which was how I met Jamie when posting a book through his door. We haven’t looked back since, he has joined my distributorship and I have quit my job. We plan to be able to sack Jamie’s boss as well, in the very near future. The world is our oyster, the more I get excited about the business, the more I want to tell people and this in turn moves our

business forward.

Not only have we got an amazing income opportunity, but I also found love.

So whatever you’re looking for, Kleeneze is definitely for anyone..

kleeneze are looking for thousands of agents in the uk, ireland, netherlands and now germany
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