Tuesday, 8 September 2009

kleeneze helen kendall and penny kelham story


Having both been made redundant at around the same time we began
looking for jobs that would be both interesting and challenging, and would
fit in around our various family commitments.

Could we find any - no!

After endless form filling we decided to take stock and look at options
other than being an employee. A few years ago we had both run small
businesses - Helen, a pet minding/dog walking business in Cumbria and
Penny, a secretarial services bureau in Nottingham.

We both need to work to supplement our pensions on retirement but
neither of us want to do the same thing again.

And that’s when we decided to look into the Kleeneze Opportunity - we’ve
known each other since the age of 5 and working together seemed like a
brilliant idea.

The Kleeneze Opportunity has turned out to be absolutely perfect for us.
It has the flexibility we both need, we are never bored, we’ve lost weight,
met lots of new people and after six months can honestly say that it‘s the
best decision we’ve ever made.

In our first few weeks we made our 10% bonus and 3 months’ later
reached 13% and earned £359.90.

We get great encouragement from our Sponsor - who is always there to
help us - and we are now well on the way to building a a wonderful customer
base and securing a great future retirement as well!

kleeneze are looking for agents in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
here is our website http://www.kleeneze03.com