Sunday, 20 September 2009

kleeneze Katie and Bryan Allnutt story

kleeneze Katie and Bryan Allnutt story
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We joined Kleeneze in November 2005 needing to boost our dwindling bank balance.

Our eldest daughter had married earlier in the year and had now presented us with a grandson.

No 2 daughter was planning to marry in August 2006 and we needed to find a way to earn some extra cash. Weddings don’t come cheap!

Bryan answered an ad in the paper which turned out to be Kleeneze. After seeing that we could work the business around our present jobs, I work part-time as a receptionist and Bryan runs his own full time insurance brokerage, we started putting out the catalogues and soon saw that we could earn an extra couple of hundred pounds a month.

This really helped us and we made every effort to attend the meetings and events that were available to us and began to realise that this ‘Kleeneze’ business really works. We saw evidence of foreign travel, beautiful cars and a way to earn a living beyond our highest expectations.

The people we are meeting in the business are just like us, ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary things, and having fun doing it.

We love this business and are so glad we answered the ad in the paper.

The potential for earning is endless, determined by the amount of effort you put into your business.

We have now have set our goals and we know that whatever we want from our future, we know Kleeneze will help us achieve it..

kleeneze need thousand of agents and team builders in uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
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