Friday, 11 September 2009

kleeneze Kate and Stewart Brunskill story

kleeneze Kate and Stewart Brunskill story

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We have a business that allows us to spend more time together by working hard, and following a proven system. It will provide us with an income and life-style that most people only dream of.

We were both working when we were shown this great business opportunity, Kate as a classroom support assistant, and Stewart running his own franchise alongside a national parcel carrier.

We were looking for a way out, but initially needed an extra £50 per week to boost our household income, so we started our Kleeneze business on a part time basis.

We were given a lot of support and advice from successful people, and started to see our business and income grow.

Stewart’s four-year franchise contract was coming up for renewal, and we both knew it would mean another four years of long days, and still having other people determine the income he earned.

With this in mind, we made the decision not to renew it, and he went to work for a local company.

December 2003 was a big turning point in our lives, and we decided that it was time to run our Kleeneze business full time – so, we quit our jobs – what a great feeling!

We know now, that by continuing to work alongside successful people, taking their advice and putting in consistent & persistent activity, our business & income will continue to grow.

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