Thursday, 17 September 2009

kleeneze Simon and Ruth Tallon story

kleeneze Simon and Ruth Tallon story
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We started Kleeneze on 1st November 2006, just to give us an extra £50 a week to help boost our income as Simon had lost his well paid job due to his disability and had to take a lower paid job to support our three children.

In October 2006 Simon was looking for alternative employment and replied to adverts in the Leicester Mercury. We were shown the Kleeneze opportunity which we had previously looked at some years earlier, and felt that with the enthusiasm and the opportunity shown to us that this was too good to miss a second time.

We dropped our catalogues in our local area and in the area our children went to school and quickly qualified for our 10% bonus level and received a cheque of £213 part-time.

By September 2007 our income had risen to £516.61 and qualified at 13%, both of us still working part-time around the children and their hospital appointments.

Instead of us both working full-time in our previous jobs and missing each other and our children growing up. We now both work the business part-time which replaced Ruth’s full time income.

We are now starting to build our own team so that we can help people like us to achieve their goals and dreams, whilst also achieving our own..

We know that this business works and if we can do this with 2 children with special needs and with Simon suffering from multiple sclerosis and being wheelchair bound, then anyone can do it!

kleeneze is looking for thousands of agents in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
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