Wednesday, 9 September 2009

kleeneze Ralph Horton story

kleneze Ralph Horton story

Spending more time at a desk than I liked and piling on the weight as a result, a newspaper advert caught my eye: ‘Earn extra cash delivering catalogues’. I thought ‘perfect’ lose the pounds weight and gain the pounds sterling! and so I became a Kleeneze distributor.

I started with 200 catalogues and retailing £200+ earning £50+ a week from the very first 4 week period. Having done the ground work to get started, I settled into around 20 hours per week.

To my horror no one told the customers this and they pushed my retail to £1000+ and earnings to £300 a week, the downside was that I needed to increase my hours by 50% to fit it all in.

As I was not in a position to go full time something had to give.

I spoke with my sponsor and to solve the problem I sponsored new people into my team and spread the load, the result is: I retail half the teams £1000+ and earn £200+ a week with my hours back to 80 each 4 week period.

With Kleeneze there is a chance to earn spare cash or to grow a thriving business - the choice is up to the individual but the opportunity is there for all, just waiting to be taken.

If someone who is so lazy he needed paying to get fit can make it work, what is your excuse?
here is ralph picture and cheque

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