Thursday, 17 September 2009

kleeneze Amanda and Leo story

kleeneze Amanda and Leo story
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Leo had spent 4 years working as a project co-ordinator & analyst for a major Fire & Security company. Amanda had spent 10 years in the import/export department of a defence company before becoming a full-time mum to Joshua in 2002..

Initially Amanda joined Kleeneze in August 2004 to bring in a little extra money, as she did not want to return to full time work.

“We had moved to the area in January 2004 and Kleeneze has helped us to meet lots of new people – including our neighbours! We found that our sponsors and their teams were really friendly and keen to help us to succeed with our new business.”

“By the end of our third month we had certainly realised the financial potential of Kleeneze. Leo had started to take a more active role and we had already begun to teambuild.

Leo soon decided to quit his full time job in order to concentrate on building our team.”

Now they have a second child Aaron and thanks to the flexibility of Kleeneze, they are now both able to enjoy active roles in family life..

“We are so excited to have been given this opportunity to both work from home and now to be able to share the joys of watching our children grow up whilst developing a successful and simple business of our own.”

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