Thursday, 17 September 2009

kleeneze Fay and Andrew Roe story

kleeneze Fay and Andrew Roe story
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We joined Kleeneze in January 1998 for the sole purpose of replacing Fay’s income. Fay at that time had worked for Nat West Bank for 23 years.

I was also working for Nat West as a Financial Planning Manager. Although receiving good incomes we felt trapped by the “9 to 5” regime. We knew with Kleeneze we could have both a living and a lifestyle.

We both left Nat West after jointly serving over 36 years, we could not believe the change in our lives after “escaping the rat race”.

Within 3 years we qualified for all expenses paid conferences with Kleeneze to Monaco and Australia.

After joining Kleeneze we learned how to set goals for the first time. We achieved a major goal in May 2003 by renewing our wedding vows in Florida with family and Kleeneze friends. We have also now fulfilled a 5 year goal by having a holiday home built in Orlando, Florida which was completed in July 2004.

We are currently very excited, as in December 2005 we completed on the purchase of a piece of land in the Bahamas. Kleeneze has given us the vision & belief to achieve things we thought only others could do.

Kleeneze really does provide us with the opportunity to design our own lives, at our own pace, with no pressure from a boss..

It could do the same for you! ……………………….…What have you got to lose?

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