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kleeneze Sarah Green story

kleeneze Sarah Green story
Sarah Green

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I moved from Cornwall to Nottingham 4 years ago, due to being a battered wife we couldn’t keep contact with anyone and I felt very isolated. I volunteered at my local primary school but still found it strange as I come from a place where everyone knows everyone and you can’t sneeze at one end of the town without someone at the other end hearing about it before you get there, how different city life seemed to me!

I got two part time jobs – support work weekend evenings, which meant no weekend evenings with my family and we always had to rush back if we went out for the day, and exam invigilating which only comes round three times a year, and I was looking for something that fit round two jobs and my kids which go to different schools and have different holiday times, an impossible task until I considered Kleeneze.

Being a customer (as was my mother and grandmother) I knew the products quite well and as I need regular exercise to stave off my depression it ticked all my boxes. I was getting very ill with my support work and had to have time off work early 2008 so I knew I had to change direction as my doctor had warned me if I kept it up I risked heart problems and was on heavy medication to control my stress reactions.

Within 6 months of Kleeneze I was earning enough to replace my support work income and knew I had to leave that role for my health asap so I resigned Christmas 2008 and decided to start building a team. I love meeting people – it scares the life out of me in groups but I have, with team support, managed to speak in front of others and had such lovely comments back, I no longer feel isolated and have people who are becoming my friends as well as colleagues,

my health has improved, I can attend all my kids events and I am earning money – what a fantastic life!

I find it hard to set goals and visualize dreams but with help set short, medium and long term goals – I would love to take friends and close family to a hot island and be waited on hand and foot for my 50TH_birthday, and to get there I am taking it one step at a time, first hitting my 10%, then my £1000 retail, then my 13% and getting my first team member.

Now with my income increasing every month I am working towards qualifying for an overseas conference – fully paid for by Kleeneze. What other work gives you that!

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