Wednesday, 23 September 2009

kleeneze Ian Wakefield story

kleeneze Ian Wakefield story

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I started my Kleeneze business when my sponsor posted a catalogue through my door.

I had looked at the business before and whilst it looked good I was very sceptical of the reality of incomes and the support I would get.

I had been involved in other home shopping catalogues and found the restrictions in the way they operated also restricted my income.

My sponsor explained when he collected the catalogue the very next day that although he had only been involved for a few weeks he was able to earn more than he was first shown and that the support he was receiving from the group also exceeded what he expected.

I joined with the aim of earning an extra £50 a week which was easily achieved in my first full month.

As you can see from my cheques I achieved over £500 income in my second month.

I have now been involved for 2 years and am enjoying both the freedom I have to work when I want and also help others to achieve what they want.

I have a growing team and the future is exciting for everyone.

If you need extra cash quickly and then want to earn extra cash regularly you have just got to follow a simple system and enjoy working for yourself!!

kleeneze need thousands of agents in the uk, ireland, netherlands and germany
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