Thursday, 17 September 2009

kleeneze Ajit and Chaitali story

kleeneze Ajit and Chaitali story
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We joined Kleeneze because we could see that simply by working few extra hours a week, it is possible to earn £50 a week straightway. Although we could see the bigger picture of a great future in this, we were really concerned about the much needed extra cash in the early days..

However, we walked away from our jobs (sacked our bosses) only after 8 months in the business when our income started rising, and from then on, we never looked back..

We set our goals to send our kids to private school, and also to buy a decent house which was Chaitali’s dream for 15 years..
kleeneze Ajit and Chaitali story

We now earn over £2000 regularly every 4 week which is financing our mortgage and the private school fees of our twin

daughters. Our highest 4 weekly income was £3,342.07.

We have recently qualified for the Kleeneze International Conference which is an all expense paid 5 star luxury company holiday conference. This year it is the Caribbean Cruise from 22 to 28th March
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