Wednesday, 9 September 2009

kleeneze Sue and David Allen story

kleeneze Sue and David Allen story
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Sue and David have busy lives. Married with two children, David works full-time and Sue

works 4 days a week for a local Supermarket. However, when the children are on holiday from school or ill, someone has to take time off work to be them.

This proves to be difficult as more often tha not Sue is turned down by her employer, so David is left every time taking leave not giving Sue the chance to spend time with them in their times of need.

This left them thinking “what should we do?”

Sue has multiple sclerosis, and has decided she would like to run her own Kleeneze

business, leaving her current job. David agreed to support her, as the business would

help her in getting some exercise to keep her going.

They started at the beginning of January 2005, and in spite of some family illness

during their first month Sue and David achieved their goal to hit the 10% bonus level

achieving almost £900 in sales with a welcome extra income of over £240.

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