Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Steve & Justine Giergiel kleeneze story

Steve & Justine Giergiel kleeneze story
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This is our best Kleeneze cheque so far, which has overtaken what I was taking home as a full time
Software Developer [see paycheque below] (taking into account that we get 13 of these cf to 12 of
previous salary due to 4 week periods).
When you work for someone else, you do not have control of your life or income. I have always
known that whenever I need to, I can simply treat this fantastic business like a full time job with only
the retailing side, and can earn as much as I need to replace my full time wage and more. It is now
great to be able to show the evidence.
From July 2012 I decided to build my Kleeneze business to the max, and we are now looking for like
minded individuals, that want to dump the rat race, as well as people that just want to work this
around existing commitments.
I have now decided that the Rat Race is not for me, having
recently spent 4 months working for a company that simply
wanted to „buy me at wholesale and sell me at retail‟ again.
My previous company had been paying an external
company over £900 a day for their services, then
employed me for £35,000 a year (see cheque) to do the
work that they were doing. They refused to give me an
adequate pay rise so I dumped them.
Justine is still working part time at Sainsbury‟s at the same time as building our Kleeneze business.
This just goes to show that if you have a big enough reason WHY for this business YOU CAN MAKE
IT WORK, even around a very busy lifestyle and many commitments.
We are now focusing much more on the team building side, and are looking to help as many people
as possible, do what we have done and more, even faster.
Having helped one of our leaders (Steve and Annie Formby) so far to the GOLD level, we know that
we can help many more do that and more.
We are strong believers that “You can have everything you want as long as you help enough other
people get what they want.” as Zig Ziglar says.

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