Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Angie Hubbard and Chris Dale kleeneze story

Angie Hubbard and Chris Dale kleeneze story

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We joined Kleeneze for financial freedom, and found that it was ideal as we both
wanted to work for ourselves, having something that will revolve around our
health problems.
Also we enjoy meeting people and their pets as we are both huge animal lovers.
Its always a bonus to make an elderly persons day by having a chat with them so
we always find time to chat. Not having to answer to a boss is wonderful and we
can do things in our own time and at our own pace.
We are doing very well so far and we can see a definite future with Kleeneze.
We’ve been working very hard following the recommended system of 2 x 200
books out each week, its working very well as we’ve already earned our 10%
bonus from our first period, which is fantastic. We’ve met some wonderful people
and their pets and we are enjoying it all. So come rain or shine we are out there .
Angie & Chris

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