Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kerrie & Steven McGarry kleeneze story

Kerrie & Steven McGarry kleeneze story

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We joined Kleeneze initially as a way to Earn an Extra Income, as like most
people there was more Month at the end of the money.
Both Kerrie and I work full time and have 4 children 3 at home and 1 at
University. I decided that this would be the best thing for me to do on my
days off. We have a simple system Kerrie does preps the books, I deliver
and Pick up books and orders and Kerrie also looks after the Money.
In our 1st full period we achieve 10% bonus even though we only did it very
part-time due family commitments.
Within the 1st week of period 6, we had sponsored 5 people.
We want what everyone wants, more Money, Free Holidays and a chance
to look back and say "wow look what we have acheived"
Kleeneze Works for us & can work for you too…

you never know who you might sponsor at a kleeneze party
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