Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Helen White kleeneze story

Helen White kleeneze story
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I'm just in my first few weeks of Kleeneze and have retailed
over 600 in my first 3 weeks I must be honest and didn't think
it would work but I have stuck at
it and now I have been to the
conference even more so too
show people it works I think my
income for the first 4 weeks will
be around £300 , I started
Kleeneze to get off benefits as I
doesn’t cover the cost of living
and with a 4 year old that has
behavioural problems wanted to
be at home more also wanted to
actually spend time with my 10
month old little girl I have made
the big the choice as from
September when my son starts
I will be going Kleeneze full time and building up a team in my
area as I have seen the benefits and rewards of this I have a
dream and I am going to get it and I will be able to say to my
son, “Yes you can have this!” and I won’t have to say “I can’t
afford things any more”. The best thing about it is that
Kleeneze works

you never know who you might sponsor at a kleeneze party
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