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daphne simpson kleeneze story

Daphne Simpson kleeneze story
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In late 2011 my husband and I were fortunate to
be able to buy a house …… 15 miles from where I
grew up and had spent all my life up to then. I
was working part time in an office, but didn’t like
my job, and was looking for something nearer
However, jobs are few and far between at the
moment. I also needed to be around to support
my husband who was having medical treatment,
and to look after 2 dogs.
In early 2012 a Kleeneze catalogue was posted
through my door, and after placing an order I also
became interested in becoming a distributor,
although I had never done anything like this before. I felt this was the ideal
way to earn some money towards the bills whilst being really near to home!
Apart from the financial rewards I love the freedom and flexibility Kleeneze
gives you, the fresh air, daylight & exercise and meeting some great people
into the bargain.
The Monday morning blues are a thing of the past for me. You work for
yourself, but you are not by yourself. There is a very supportive and positive
team with you all the way. For those who are prepared to work there is
recognition and rewards second to none.
My longer term aim is to build a team so that I benefit from an income when I

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