Thursday, 20 June 2013

chris smith autoresponder messages tips

Hi Gavin – here’s a summary of the emails I send out...
Basically – I send out the first email, as described below. Then I just send it out again and again with a little introduction at the top, and a changed subject line


Chris Smith

Email – Tuesday

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching for 5 Serious People


Hi [name], I'm looking for 5 people who want to come on an adventure....

Would you be one of them?

Kleeneze is a Business Opportunity where serious people

can transform their lives, and achieve amazing things.

Are you adventurous enough and ambitious enough

to transform your life?

I am looking for 5 People to work with.

I'll be giving one to one coaching,

and helping you achieve your life's goals.

and we'll be using Kleeneze to help us do it.

So what are your goals?

A new Car?

A new House?

A comfortable retirement?

Or just to be able to treat the kids to a Pizza?

Take a look...Kleeneze has worked for these people...

and it can work for you too.

click here to watch how Neil and Karen Young went from being in debt, to being in Wealth.

Abby just wanted to be able to pay her University Fees. click her to see her.

Not quite what you're looking for? click here to see 9 videos, showing 9 different people, and what they have achieved.

So if you want to make a change to your life, and would like some one to one coaching to help you do it,

just reply to this email for a FREE info pack, or to reserve your space.

I only have time to take on 5 people. As soon as I have 5, this offer will end.

Either way, this offer expires at Midnight on Monday 10th June.


Chris Smith


Second Email – Wednesday

Subject: [name], did you see the offer I sent yesterday?

Content: As First Email, but with a little reminder... “I just wanted to make sure you got this email I sent out yesterday...

Third Email – Thursday

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching Offer: Just 5 days left

Fourth Email – Friday

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching Offer, 3 places left

Fifth Email – Saturday

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching Offer, what you get

Sixth email – Sunday

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching Offer ends tomorrow

Seventh email – Monday Morning

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching offer ends midnight tonight

Eighth email – Monday evening

Subject: [name], Personal Coaching offer, just 6 hours left