Monday, 9 February 2009

work from home kleeneze

Real Kleeneze Income Examples from the Team
(N.B. All income certificates are for four weeks)
£ 1,032 per week – Dave and Susie

Freedom and Lifestyle We had no previous experience but were introduced to Kleeneze after a run of poor sales in our shop. We started part-time, making our money back in the first week. When we learned more we decided Kleeneze was definitely for us; after the first year part-time we found that our sub-£100 home-based Kleeneze business had turned over more than our shop, which had cost £10,000! All this without overheads, staff worries, shoplifting, etc. Six years further on Kleeneze has transformed our life taking us from the inner city to the countryside; from nearly £20,000 in debt to debt-free and with investments; and to financial and time freedom we only dreamed of, plus many amazing perks (e.g. the picture above was taken on a free Kleeneze trip to South Africa !) It's by far the best business decision we ever made.
£ 1,516 per week – Vic and Una

We saw the potential We joined Kleeneze in May 1994 and easily achieved our initial target to earn £50 per week. Exposure to the potential of the opportunity along with the stability and ambition of Kleeneze convinced us we could build a secure future for our family. The only way we could have a good income and flexible lifestyle would be to build our own Kleeneze network marketing business. We proved the retailing works, how could the networking fail? We have built our income steadily around a busy family whilst being able to upgrade our cars, move house and enjoy some fantastic holidays – including free Kleeneze trips to Cyprus , Madeira , Thailand and Australia .
£ 3,673 per week – John and Jeanette

A secure and growing ‘pension' ( Ex. Chemical Engineer and secretary with no previous Network Marketing experience.) Our attempts to secure our retirement with property failed leaving us all but broke. Not only did Kleeneze give us a new start at 58 years of age, but it has taken us around the world. Incredible that using little more than perseverance and a proven system not only do we have a ‘pension' exceeding £100,000+ pa. for our approaching retirement. We are so confident that we have just purchased a Rolls-Royce plus a superb bungalow worth £500,000.
£ 12,271 per week – Bob

Security despite Redundancy After eighteen years as a teacher, Bob and his family were still living in a two bedroom terraced house, driving a ten-year old car going nowhere fast. "Ten years into this business, and I am astonished at the returns I continually make with nothing in the way of overheads. My group will account for over £24 milIion of Kleeneze turnover and believe it or not this was built initially on a part-time basis." His success hasn't gone unnoticed by Kleeneze. In recognition of his achievements, Bob was presented with the Distributor of the Year award for 1996, Top Achiever award in 1998 and for the first time in company history, was awarded Distributor of the year for the second time in 2000. Bob is the first person to be awarded a Porsche for achievement and recently bought his dream car a new Ferarri 360 Spider.