Friday, 27 February 2009

jun li kleeneze

Jun Li
Here is Jun Li, take a look at his personal retail weekly figures during period 11 2007!! Jun Li could be a RECORD BREAKER and is a massive success.Wk 1 £1,984.89 / Wk 2 £1,707.98 / Wk 3 £2,964.13 / Wk 4 £2,652.64
KLEENEZE GOLD DISTRIBUTOR JUN LI WITH HIS WIFE KINGPERIOD 11 2007 PERSONAL RETAIL TURNOVER £9,309.64p Retail and wholesale profit for the period £3444.56p He ordered 10 Boxes of UK Retail Kits. = 500 packs.He rises at 5.30am, makes up his catalogues then goes out at to deliver a minimum of 100 catalogues blanket dropping just like a postman. His attitude is, the catalogues are only seeds, and the territory is just one huge field. Some will grow, some won't, so what, next. He understands the Bamboo story better than us. He arrives home and his wife, King, has their son Yaosheng up for school and family breakfast. They both take Yaosheng to school He is now at secondary school, he started this year. After they drop Yaosheng off at school, they continue on to their place of work in the Chinese food cash & Carry. Jun li is a Driver Labourer and King works in the Office.A Chinese family take Yaosheng in to their home when he finishes school, and Jun li and King collect him after 5pm when they finish their days work. King then prepares the evening meal and Jun li gets all the orders ready and into his car. After his meal and some family time with his son, Jun li then goes out to collect his catalogues at 7pm and deliver's any products to customers at the same time he does this up until 10pm..This is his daily routine and daily method of work, Rise at 5.30am make up catalogues and deliver minimum 100 catalogues every morning and collect next Evening. He did this every day including Sunday.In his Full time job he works Mon to Saturday, and his pay is minimum rate per hour. On the Sunday he delivers his products from onwards and I could tell you a funny story about his early morning Sunday deliveries. He was getting all his orders delivered to my house, but now has an arrangement with amtrack for first delivery in the morning. His knowledge of English is not so good, but his knowledge of numbers is excellent, he understands the law of averages, he understands the codes, and their is lots of stories I could tell you. It has been a pleasure to work with him, he is a first class student and his family are fantastic people. They say when the teacher is ready the student shall appear, well if i am his teacher I must say he has been a first class student, it has been a challenge which I have relished.He simply followed the retail income projection sheet. His goal is to gather 2,000 customers, he says the customers are more important than the money,if he gives good service then he can become just like a milkman and deliver to his customer base, and not have to work so hard in the future. You would like Jun li, also King, and Yaosheng , they are a really nice family.
a update on his story is he top retailer this week 27 th march 2009

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