Thursday, 12 February 2009

Mark and Caroline Sellars kleeneze story

We joined in May 2002. Not to make £50 a week but to replace our incomes. We saw the potential, the BIG picture straight away.Caroline had been a Nurse for over 20 years. She worked hard and went to University to upgrade to a Registered Nurse. She had a good position in a Private Ward which suddenly closed making all staff redundant. She became disillusioned with the health system and sought to leave it completely, but she loved working with people. Caroline left work in the Summer of 2003.After 16 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and reaching the rank of Sergeant I was discharged after an injury. I retrained as a Network Engineer. I spent lots of money on books and Microsoft qualifications, getting my MSc in Computing. I work for an Internet/Web Hosting company as an IT Technical Support Engineer. In our time we have tried many times to better ourselves – we have between us tried envelope collecting (con), clothes parties (required a lot of stock - expensive), whilst in Germany we joined the Amway (never made a penny), and finally White Arrow parcel delivery. And a few other things, some not so clever looking back – but they sounded great at the time (If it sounds to good to be true it is!!). We want to spend time with our children and lead a better lifestyle. Our team is growing slowly – but going the right way.This is a FANTASTIC opportunity, don’t miss out on it. Anyone can do this. We are not a dynamic couple but we are steadily building our business and our cheque. We have loads of new friends with common interests (bettering their lives), and we have a great social life within our team.

here is there pictures