Sunday, 8 February 2009

Julie Cotton and Neil Tomkinson kleeneze

“I started with Kleeneze after taking some time-out to have kids and then not wanting to go back to work in the stressful NHS as I have M.E. Like many, I thought I'd give it a go but wasn't sure it would work in my area. However, I just kept following the plan set by my Upline, Ram Laing. Everything he said came true and after 6 months I had over 400 customers; I went from £200 to £600 per month, which was fantastic. My partner, Neil Tomkinson, was helping a little, but mainly concentrating on his building business. When things suddenly started to go downhill with his business - people started not to pay on time and our family home was at risk - Neil started to work away which put pressure on me trying to look after the 2 children, juggle our commitments and run my growing Kleeneze business. We ended up in court and all that saved us was the fact I could show my Kleeneze cheques and prove we were building a steady business. We are so grateful to Kleeneze, because without it we would have lost our home. Afterwards we talked and Neil decided to give up the building business and concentrate on Kleeneze. We now run our Kleeneze business as a family team. With the help of our personal team we have qualified for Vienna, hit the goal for the Pegasus Group’s 3-day-trip to Prague and will soon earn our £1,000 bonus for holding Gold for 6 months. Kleeneze changes your life - it’s a lifeline in a credit crunch world. Not only that, it's the friends you make, the support you get, the laughs, the challenges and it's a place where dreams come true. Take my advice - listen to those who are successful in Kleeneze, follow the plan because if you do, you can hit any goal you want. Watch this space because our horizon is helping our team mates hit their goals, for us to go Bronze and qualify for the next Autumn and Spring Destinations.”
here is the full work from home story and kleeneze cheque