Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tony and Muriel Judson kleeneze story

Tony and Muriel Judson kleeneze story click here

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Originally had their own Office Equipment Company which fell victim to the recession. Six and a half years ago they started with Kleeneze on a part time basis.

Within 3 months their cheques were exceeding £1100 per month and they made the

decision to go for it full time with kleeneze and never looked back.

They now have an annual turnover in excess of £3million and an income of £100,000 plus a year

Tony & Muriel say “If we can do it, anyone can do it  . Where else could you earn this

sort of money with a well established company, and have FREE trips to Barcelona,

The Bahamas, Cyprus, the Florida Keys, Australia & South Africa  ?

Two years ago we were top qualifiers for a fabulous trip to Thailand and last year we qualified for a trip to Arizona with 5* treatment all the way. That’s what you can expect if you join us and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve success..