Monday, 11 July 2011

Chris and Wendy Mason-Paull kleenze

Cleaned-out pair have cleaned up!

here is chris mason paull kleeneze in bristol newspaper click here

November 1996 - The Evening Post

Bristol couple Chris and Wendy Mason-Paull have built up a multi-million pound business, just four years after they were heavily in debt.

Chris and Wendy, of Longwell Green, were close to having their home reposessed when they borrowed £40 to set up their business selling cleaning products.

Now their businss is bringing them in about £170,000 a year.

The couple, who have three children, work for Bristol-based catalogue company Kleeneze.

The 70-year old firm relies on a network of salesmen to sell it's cleaning products directly to people in their homes.

The salesmen select an area, deliver the catalogues, return within days to collect orders and then deliver the goods a few days later.

Chris, aged 40, used to work as a trouser-presser for a dry cleaner and Wendy, 41, was a cook.

They formed a company selling perfume which went bust, leaving them with debts of £15,000.

Wendy and Chris spent hundreds of hours delivering catalogues to homes in the Longwell Green area.

They built up the business by finding more and more regular customers and in the first year they had coined in £50,000.

Then the couple started recruiting agents, bringing them in more cash.

The business now has sales of more than £1 million a month and they have made more than £400,000 since they began.

Their mortgage is now paid off - and Chris has ordered a new BMW.