Sunday, 10 July 2011

john stevens kleeneze

John & Hazel Stephens

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At the age of 15, John had followed his father to sea, first as a deckhand, then as a Mate and for the last seven years as Skipper.

John remembers it was a great life until the politicians gave away the United Kingdom's North Sea fishing rights as the price our fisherman are still paying for entry into the European Fishing Community.

By the time John hung up his oilskins he was £100,000 in debt, out of work, on the beach, factors which did not unduly bother Hazel, his wife of 19 years.

"We're a team," he told me, "and we are sure that we would resolve our problems."

They were right, and today can earn as much as £20,000 a month - in a good month - and are on track to bank around £180,000 in 2002.

They life in Fife, Scotland, in a lovely home, and this year expect to good humouredly squabble over who is going to drive the BMW or Porsche every morning - because both cars are prizez they expect to recieve this year from Kleeneze.

Since joining Kleeneze eight years ago, the company has rewarded them with trips to Portugal, Barcelona, New York on Concorde, Bahamas, Cyprus, Jamaica, Florida Keys, Malta, Thailand, Arizona, Madeira, the Caribbean, Monaca, St. Lucia, Rome and Australia.

The sea is in John Stephens' blood and like many Peterhead men he'd followed his father to sea. "Like most fishermen," he explained, "I was proud of my calling, but once the politicians gave away our fishing rights it was impossible to make money.

We have a saying at Kleeneze that many of the men and women joining us are living at just over broke. I was way beyond that - Kleaned Out would be a more accurate description. I was £100,000 in debt, and most people thought I was going under.

"To be honest I was not worried, but I was concerned. All I knew was fishing but with the right woman behind him, most men can achieve any target they set themselves. Hazel and I have always been a great team. We always have been and always will be.

But then we were living hand to mouth, with no spare cash...I was driving a wreck of a car and there was no chance at all of a holiday that year.

"The future," John continued, "alternated between non-existent and gloomy. There were occasional glimpses of the sun through the dark clouds. I'd generated a useful second income by selling NSA water filters - mainly to other fishermen, but before we could really get going with that, the company packed up.

"Hazel and I had realised that if we were to reall prosper we need to run our own business. But was sort of business? More importantly HOW? because we had no capital.

"Then, eight years ago, I was invited to a Kleeneze presentation where I learned that a lot of people were creating substantial part-time incomes from just a few hours a month.

More importantly, those who prepared to totally commit to Kleeneze were earning serious money. Other factors made the Kleeneze distribution deal even more attractive.

1. The initial investment was under £50 and virtually risk-free.

2. The income potential was truly unlimited.

3. There was no stock to carry - and therefore no cash to outlay.

4. I was able to work from home with flexible hours suitable to our needs.