Monday, 11 July 2011

Phil and Kerris Torkington kleeneze story

Phil and Kerris Torkington

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Our story begins in March 2003. We used money from the sale of my late father’s house to buy a domestic cleaning franchise. This business flourished and increased in turnover and profit year on year. Phil ran the business whilst I worked full time as a teaching assistant.

However, in May 2008 through stress of the teaching job, I had to resign but needed to make up my wages, so I went out leafleting to increase the domestic cleaning franchise.

It was during my first week out leafleting like mad that we happened upon Myrna Wellock. I walked down her path leaflet in hand, to be then handed in return, a brown envelope containing a Kleeneze information pack. I put it in the car where it stayed until one day sat at some traffic lights I noticed it, opened it and looked at it. It then made its way up to the office.

In June the credit crunch hit and hit us bad. Our business was no longer the great business it was and we lost about a third of our clients.

By the start of July I realised we needed to find something else. Our personal bank account was overdrawn, and we were getting further into debt. I eventually found the information about Kleeneze and on the 18th July 2008 Peter came round to see us and drew some circles. We bought 200 catalogues and began our Kleeneze journey.

If I was to buy my cleaning franchise today it would cost me £9,000 + vat. I also have to pay £293 a month for my franchise fee. You can join Kleeneze for less than £100 with only £7.50 a month to pay for internet charge ~ there’s just no comparison!

Since joining Kleeneze I feel we have gained more than an extra income we have gained the potential for an unrestricted income, we can take our business with us if we move, we have low overheads and our earnings are determined by the amount of time and effort we want to put in.

Most importantly we have made new and I feel lasting friendships with people who want to help us achieve.