Sunday, 10 July 2011

membership site and e book scams

when you are looking for some help, you are sure to find the expert that will sell you
a e book or hook you into a membership site and you foget and keep paying the large
monthly fee.

so is £60 to £250 for a e book worth it , or a membership site of 97 dollars a month .

well my answer is no and i,ll show how you can get it all for free.
about a year ago as i was going through the learn curve of the internet, i fell for the sucker
advert, i,ll teach you how to market on facebook for free
next thing there was a e book for £50 how to set up a facebook fan page.
i payed it and it showed me, then i had a lightbulb moment

what if i put " how to make a facebook fan page" into you tube search

and you have guessed it , i had a choice of video,s to watch and they all did it for
last week the washing machine rubber seal had a hole in it, call out charge £129
you tube search, showed how to fit a new seal, cost of new seal £19

so the price of e books is way to high

now membership sites, are link to these e book, they try to temp you in with loads
of training info in there back office, will you can find it for free on you tube

if you could not find some info they temp you in with offer of try it for a month for $1
and then next month it jumps to 97 dollars.

if you think you need that info try it for a $1 get the info you want and cancel the 97 dollars
that money would be much better invested somewhere else

if you need to get into that site in the future, just sign in with  different e mail address

share this tip with all your friends,

 i,ve started a page of training tips no membership site