Wednesday, 2 June 2010

willie mckenzie kleeneze story

willie mckenzie kleeneze story, for his picture and cheques click HERE

I was previously working employed as a Manager for a collections company working with-in the sub-prime market, but have now been made redundant due to the recession.

I did the conventional thing and sent off my CV to similar organisations and also put my CV on various web sites all to no avail.

I then stumbled on the Kleeneze opportunity via a Gumtree ad placed by my up line John Fraser.

After some investigation and a productive meeting with John I said to myself "I can do this".

I felt it only really needed organisation, a Good Customer Service and a Determination to make a simple idea happen and thus work.

In my 1st Period just passed I achieved all the goals I set:-

1) Take advantage of the Fast Start Bonus 1 & 2 to obtain free retail kits to assist my business progress.

2) Get to 13% Volume to achieve 8% Cash Bonus which I knew would get me £550+ Income.

My goal next month is to achieve Fast Start Bonus 3 in my 2nd Period, try to push my earnings higher by aiming for

15% Bonus.

My biggest medium term goals are to start sponsoring and get my own team to get me a vehicle to get

to Hong Kong. Basically spreading the "Gospel according to Kleeneze" as IT WORKS.

So far I'm delighted with the business and what a Positive and Helpful environment I now find myself in.

Each day I find listening to the Ezereach voicemail really good to get me pumped up and motivated for a day of good orders.

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