Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Emma and Mark Mackelden kleeneze story

Emma and Mark Mackelden kleeneze story,
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Mark has worked as a Police Officer, in Banking and as a Delivery Driver but couldn’t find something he was happy in.

After working in London banking for 12 years he was looking for a change of lifestyle - with more quality time at home and less stress, so took voluntary redundancy in 2006 and worked as a delivery driver doing shifts.

Emma worked full time as a Secretary and PA for 14 years but wanted to be able to spend more time with our daughter.

In 2006 Emma also left her job to become self employed and joined a party plan company and became qualified in Bridal Hair & Make Up doing weddings as well.

She owns a children’s party business now and runs this business from home.

As money was tight in 2006 from Emma becoming self employed and Marks redundancy, we were looking for some extra income and needed it fast, but what could we do? Then a Kleeneze catalogue came through our door. We had been a customer in the past, so we decided to find out some more information. We were very sceptical at first but thought we would give it a try anyway.

We started off slowly working just 2 or 3 hours a week around Marks shifts and were earning a couple of hundred pounds a month which we needed and were happy with. Then after a couple of months we got our first bonus cheque which was for £372.98.

As Emma’s businesses were growing, we were finding it harder to fit in her party plan, Weddings and Children’s parties around Marks shifts. We had been with Kleeneze a year part time at this point and could see that if we devoted more time to Kleeneze we could easily earn more than Marks wages and Emma wouldn’t have to turn work away because of clashes with a shift.

Mark sacked his boss at the end of January 2008 and now does Kleeneze full time. He does all the retail on his own.

Our first cheque after going full time was for £871, with a small customer base and NO team. We continued working at building the customer base and received our best cheque so far in October 2009 for £2430.58 with a small team.

We now have a very good customer base and are continuing to grow this steadily. We were the 2008 Champion Group Retailer Of The Year selling £38,356.78 of products, and won it again in 2009.

We were 18th overall in Gavin’s team in 2009 selling £51,173.53 of products ourselves with Mark putting out and collecting 100 catalogues each day, 4 days a week.

Fridays are our main kleeneze delivery days, with sponsoring activity at the weekend.