Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Peter and Caren Neesham kleeneze story

Peter and Caren Neesham

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I joined Kleeneze in July 2005 and like most people was looking for £50 per week to top up my income.

I moved in with Caren in January 2007 and started to really work the business, following the systems I had been taught both on the retail side and on the sponsoring side.

When we go and see a good flim or eat in a good restaurant we tell all of our friends how good it was, sponsoring in Kleeneze is exactly the same. We have found a fantastic way to increase our income and all we do is then share the opportunity with other people.

Kleeneze has enabled us to do many things that other people couldn't do. Caren took a full 12 months off work when we had our daughter Holly and I have recently spent 8 months working only three days a week in my day


Our Kleeneze income has been invaluable.

Caren currently works 2 days per week as an auxiliary nurse and my goal is to leave my day job and work our Kleeneze business on a full time basis.

The Kleeneze opportunity is too good to miss, don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!