Wednesday, 30 June 2010

ruby & rajan karunakaran kleeneze story

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In December 2008 we moved to the UK under the High Skill Migration Program (HSMP). I was working full time in Central London and my husband, Rajan, was looking for a business.

We were really shocked at the amounts of money people asked for as ‘Good Will’ to own a business. We were pretty sure if we bought such a business, spending £75,000 to £100,000, all we would really do would increase our debt.

We were also concerned that, as a family, our kids and I would miss Rajan who would have to work at least 15 hours per day just to recover our investment in 3 to 5 years.

But we had to make some decision as the income from my new job I had taken in the UK did not provide us with the income and lifestyle we had enjoyed in the past when I worked for the UN.

You could say we were eagerly searching for a home based income generation opportunity; where we could work together and earn the income we were used to.

In November 2009 our life changed for the better, I received a Kleeneze catalogue through our door!

When I placed an order from the catalogue I also requested information about the business because I could see it was a home based opportunity.

The next day my future upline Zara dropped by with some information and arranged for me to speak to her sponsor, Phil Linsey and Ann Searle.

Initially Rajan was not fully convinced about the business. We were aware of Network Marketing and all of Rajan’s Tamil friends, who had had previous negative experiences with other companies, advised him to keep away.

Despite this he started retailing during his spare time around other commitments, including supporting our daughters who are competitive swimmers so have to train 2 hours a day for up to 6 days a week.

In his first 3 weeks Rajan easily earned £228 and sponsored two people.

Proving this business worked by being in profit within 3 weeks really increased our confidence in the business.

We would recommend anyone uses the Fast Start Bonuses Kleeneze now offers to focus their business on early profit.

We were in regular communication with Phil & Ann and regularly attended meetings.

But it was going to the Kleeneze 2010 January Conference that really changed how we saw the business. In December 2009, I had visited Beijing on an official trip and I really wanted to take my family back so they could see China.

But I knew that now I did not work for the UN our income would not permit us the same level of luxuries as we were used to; and this included being able to pay for a proper family trip to China.

The January conference made me realise the great income potential of Kleeneze and that I could enjoy those luxurious trips again, this time as a Kleeneze Distributor in November 2010 to Hong Kong!

We watched the Hong Kong DVD 3 times when I got back from the conference; both of us are determined WE WILL BE IN HONG KONG WITH KLEENEZE.

With the guidance of our upline we started seriously sponsoring people through our warm list; provided continuous support to all our downline, irrespective of which level they wished to achieve in Kleeneze; maintained 13% personal retail; listened to EzeReach daily; read self motivational books; and regularly attended sizzles and Millionaire’s meetings.

We appreciate how well the system works and used it to move up the pay plan period to period; achieving Gold in Period 6 this year, just over 6 months from joining.

In that time we have built a great team of over 20 people, 11 frontline, and earned £1268 in the last 4 weeks alone, working less than 30 hours per week.

Michael Khatkar himself called to congratulate us when we went Gold, the first but not the last Sri Lankan’s to achieve this level! Kleeneze really recognises you all the way.

The factors for this success are - we maintained regular contact with our upline, followed their advice, and the system, consistently.

We motivated, mentored and provided training to our team to ensure they could increase their own ability and income, as this would help retain them in the business.

So, all we have really done is just duplicate the system and show others how to duplicate it too; this we believe is all Kleeneze distributors need to do to achieve.

But, above all of this, we have made a whole new family of friends through Kleeneze. What could be better than spending so much time with your friends and making money at the same time!

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