Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Steve and Alpha Stonelake kleeneze story

Steve and Alpha Stonelake, here is a picture of there kleeneze cheque click here

When we signed up with Kleeneze in mid April, our goal was to earn £200 a month.

We were pleased with our first period achieving the first level for a free box of catalogues; unfortunately we only had three weeks as we were going away on holiday.

We entered our second period determined to earn enough to get the fast track bonus and get ourselves two free boxes.

When that was achieved we started pounding the streets even more, catalogues were never in our house, as soon as we collected from one street, they were taken straight back out to another.

We reached the 10% level then were given another target By Kevin hit £1000 he said and I will give you another box.

Well we were not going to miss out on that! So the rate at which catalogues were going out and back in was kept going. We started to pick up orders for £70, £80 and £100 from customers, we were buzzing.

When we received our cheque and we had reached 13% and sales of over £2000, we felt that we had been rewarded for all our hard work.

This is not the end though; we are determined to go on from strength to strength.

C’mon the kleeneze team!