Tuesday, 22 June 2010

kevin devine and michelle parker kleeneze story

kevin devine and michelle parker kleeneze story, for there kleenezecheque and picture
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We were looking for a home base income for michelle to take on as with her part time job at argos was giving her some heath problems.

We received a flyer through the door asking for people offering a home base income which is what were looking for. At first I was not sure whether to respond to it or not in the end I decided to respond.

When I got the info through the post about KleeneZe I read through the info and looked it up on the internet. after reading the info I now know this would be the ideal solution to Michelle's needs.

After Mark Walsh our sponsor visited us and explained all the ins and out of the KleeneZe business I then decided that this solution would also help me to get out of job of 10 years with no pay rise in seven years and no future prospects.

In our first 4 week period we had achieved our Fast Start Bonus 1 & 2 and reached 10% bonus level. I was hooked on the KleeneZe business.

We achieved our goals in the first period even whilst I was working long hours and working away on the road as a truck driver.

Our goal now is to achieve all the bonus levels and to succeed in KleeneZe and to quit my full time job and for michelle to quit argos.

The help and support from the members and KleeneZe as been excellent and if we have any problems there is always someone to help us out.