Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mike and Renata Turner kleeneze story

Mike and Renata Turner kleeneze story
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We have been in business for many years in South Africa before coming back to the UK, and despite the opportunities a new emerging economy can offer, we could find nothing to compare with this Kleeneze opportunity.

As well as being in business for ourselves, Mike has been in retail management for many years, managing large retail units, and finally serving as a main board director.

On returning to the UK we started off with Mike looking at the retail management scene in this country, but going back to the sales floor with the pressures that involved proved not to be for us. We also had the issue of building up a pension for ourselves, after so many years out of the country.

We initially came across Kleeneze through family who have been customers of one of their distributors in Lincolnshire for some five years, so clearly the Kleeneze distributor ship was capable of providing a stable income. On further investigation, we found that it was much more than that, and with the Multi Level Marketing structure of the business it could provide a solution for our pension situation as well, as we will be able to retire on the residual income that this generates.

We got started on the 5th of November, and with 200 catalogues in the three weeks left in that period we were able to generate a cheque for over ₤ 260.

We have now just finished our 3rd 4 week period, and with the help of the team we have already sponsored, income has grown to ₤ 756, and still going.

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