Monday, 1 August 2011

is kleeneze a scam

is kleeneze a scam

the answer is no, people can earn over £3,000 a month
retailing with kleeneze and we are proud to show the top
kleeneze retailers each period , click here

here are a couple of storys showing theincome from retail
paul tonkin story click here

dan davies story click here

while there are lots of scams out there, kleeneze is not one
and in fact founder member of the dsa.

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we are more than happy to show what agents are turning over and
support you will get is second to none.

in fact we have had people who payed £40,000 for a franchise,
when they asked for help, were told you have training book
use it.

our support is meetings, conference calls, online training
training cd,s

i,ve been with kleeneze 19 years attime of writing this blog
and support now is the better than ever.

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