Thursday, 4 August 2011

Caroline Lockwood kleeneze story

Caroline Lockwood
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I started my working life as a nurse and midwife, ending up a few years ago working nights in an old people’s home to fit around my family.

Seeking a change, I trained as a junior school teacher, but took my first job in an inner city school and found the hours required, and lack of support, too much, so left at the Easter.

For the last 31/2 years I have worked as a teaching assistant, but had my hours cut last September to 2 days a week, so completed a return to nursing course. But with a hospital ban on recruitment, I found myself this February, a single parent with 3 teenagers, working only 2 days a week, with some agency nursing shifts, and working in a pub to not quite make ends meet.

Several years ago I had been involved with Kleeneze but life had got in the way, so I had left. So, finding myself in need of an extra income, I contacted my previous sponsors, Amanda and Andy Holland, and rejoined.

I wanted to prove to myself again that this business really works, so I went out of my door, turned left, and started putting out catalogues. By the end of my first 4 week period, I had retailed about £1600 worth of orders, earned £492, and had received 2 free boxes of catalogues from the company.

No, I didn’t have lots of spare time, but can make this business fit into the small gaps in the day, and I can now see myself making a substantial income from this wonderful business, and helping other people to find a way to change their lives too.

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