Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Stephen evans kleeneze story

My name is Stephen Evans from Llanelli. I joined on the Break Free option on 21/01/2011. I have been in various door to door sales businesses for the last 10 years after starting my working life as a roofer. I first met my up line Vic and Una Brown 2 years ago whilst calling on them to offer home energy saving grants.

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I have done well in various sales companies including being top performer with accident claims but the previous product was frozen gourmet food and despite big promises from my boss I was just not making ends meet despite being one of the top sellers.

My derisory £40 monthly diesel allowance meant I was putting most of my earnings into the fuel tank as I covered a wide area in South Wales seeking fresh customers as the re order rates were quite low. Sales had been slowing down as there was less money about for luxury food and the cold weather period hit me hard.

I got back in touch with Vic and Una just before Christmas as I knew they were doing very well in Kleeneze. I had a frustrated boss who would rant and rave despite my long hours and efforts. After some deliberation I decided to walk away from the food sales, literally, as I had to hand back the van, and get stuck into Kleeneze full-time. I was passed another 120 or so second hand catalogues when another local lady finished as her husband went back to work.

I went out on foot presenting them with a one day turnaround. It took a little while to get into a system and really follow the advice I was being given for although I was very confident dealing with customers I knew nothing about the Kleeneze business.

I heard of one couple on the Ezereach messaging who joined on Break Free and achieved over £1800 of sales in their first full period and I rose to the challenge of beating that.

I surpassed my goal and did £2247 and with a few team members, one who approached me on my first few days out and about, I hit the 15% level.

I was impressed how easy it is to get orders with Kleeneze so I could focus on rapport with customers. I sold over £350 worth without really looking in the catalogues to see what was there! I also had a goal to lose some weight and taking my trolley to a steep area called Swiss Valley began to help me out with that!

I have had some great times in Sales as well as some lows but never found something that could deliver a solid residual income with committed hard work. My first bonus cheque is not enormous but has enabled me to at least pay the rent and a few other bills and I aim to build on this now by growing a strong team and approaching my large warm list, many of whom are in sales and many are beginning to struggle.

I do suffer with a form of dyslexia making ordering and sorting deliveries a lot slower than for most people but have found the personal support of Vic, Una and Hannah second to none and was really pleased to have been able to help Hannah hit the Gold level in period 3. They even helped drive me around to speed up my deliveries in the areas further away and gave me another trolley when my wheel fell off in Swiss Valley.

I realize that Kleeneze will take time to build to the top level of income I am seeking but I am willing to do whatever it takes over the next 5 years to get there. I also have my eyes firmly set on the trip to New York and a Mini Cooper.

I hope I am not the only Break Free to be there in NYC and look forward to laughing with others over the initial hiccups I made on the road to success.

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