Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Stephanie and Chris Cook kleeneze testimonial

Stephanie and Chris Cook kleeneze testimonial
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I joined Kleeneze in May 2009 with a view to building a sustainable business that would allow me to come out of Childminding. Unfortunately, Chris, a HGV Fitter of 21 years, was made redundant not long after, and decided to work Kleeneze instead of taking a job that paid less for an increase in hours, whilst I was to continue Childminding. With the security of the redundancy money, there was no real urgency to build a business and we retailed between £1,000 and £1,500 each period.

We attended the Company Conference in January 2011 and realisation dawned that we really weren’t going to build a successful business without changing our entire attitude and belief towards Kleeneze, and just as importantly, towards ourselves. I went to see our sponsors, Sylvia and Gary Green, the following day to ask them to show me how I could help build a business around what Chris was already doing. I wanted out of Childminding as soon as possible and we were now looking to replace both combined incomes.

A 90 day plan of activity was worked out around my Childminding business and my other commitments. Yes, sacrifices had to be made, but I knew it was necessary to drive the business forward. I have persistently and consistently stuck to my plan, and Chris is now presenting catalogues alongside our customer base to increase the retail too. Both of us have stepped out of our comfort zones to increase our activity and retail – and we’re getting fabulous results. We know, that we will see a massive change to our business over the next few months, and our combined efforts will build us a solid business over the upcoming years, of this we are certain.

We are no longer working the 45 year plan, we’re working OUR plan, to get OUR business where it needs to be, providing a fabulous future for OUR family and to give US the financial and time freedom WE deserve.
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